Running is cheaper than therapy

I know this statement has been around a while, but it is true.

Yesterday was not a good day. I got home from work and ran 4 miles. Then last night it all fell apart. I was upset about everything and the situation was not going in a good direction. So, at 8:00 at night and 37 degrees outside I got on my shorts and tee shirt (I could have been wiser about that part) and put on my Saucony Mirage 2 shoes that TJ bought me and went for a run. I didn’t run fast, probably a 2 minute slower pace than normal. Speed wasn’t the issue. I had to get away. I ran about 5 more miles and headed home.

What a difference a run can make. I was calm and had gotten over all the issues I had. My lovely wife went to Walmart while I was running, so I came home and drove out to meet her there. It was a good night from then on.

One thought on “Running is cheaper than therapy

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