Running and dieting?

I don’t understand how to eat and run correctly.  I run, I eat more.  I eat more, I gain weight.  I gain weight, I have a harder time running.

Now that I have a half marathon under my belt and I have  two weeks off, I am going to take some time to diet.  This is a physician guided diet that we used to successfully loose 80 lbs in about a year. I’m only going to do it for the two weeks, but should be able  to loose these extra pounds that have crept up on me over the past months of training.

So, how do I keep running and keep my weight off?  I hope that eating better for the next two weeks will help keep me eating better overall.  I just can’t gorge on carbs a couple times a week.  Eating well is harder to me than running 40 miles a week.

Day 2 of my diet done. 12 more to go.  Then… Running.

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