My first day running in 2 weeks

It all begins again…

Running. Yesterday was my first day back since my 2 week break. How was it? Good. Not great, but good. I ran 3 miles at a 9:00 pace and felt okay. A few aches and pains as I got my muscles moving again and my lungs burned as I ran. I assume that was because of a sinus infection I had late last week, but it could just be from the time off.

The interesting thing was that I am off all anti inflammatory meds and woke up with no back or hip pain and no aches at all. Wow. I guess loosing 20 lbs made a huge impact. I hope it does in my running. A coworker who used to be a nurse told me that for every pound of fat, the body needs a mile of veins and arteries to support that pound. So if that is correct, I have 20 miles less of veins and arteries for my blood to have to travel around my body.

I feel great.

Three miles again this afternoon and I am shooting for a total of 23 miles for the week. That is almost half of my past mileage, but better safe than sorry.

In so glad to be back. I am amazed that in 19 months I went from 278 lbs and not able to run 800m to 178 lbs and a half marathon under my belt. God is good.

I love running (and am enjoying eating again 🙂 )

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