10 painful miles – but at least it was 10 miles

Two weeks ago was my first week back running since my two weeks off.  I ran 23 miles.  This last week (ending today) I ran 35.  I really wanted to get my mileage back up so I could begin my workouts next week with TJ.

Today was my long run day. I wasn’t looking forward to it and evidently for good reason.  I ran 10 miles (the most since my half marathon) and it was painful.  My legs hurt and the rest of my body wasn’t much better.  I did 10 miles at a 9:18 pace, the worse time I’ve had in a long time.

Ultimately my goal was to run 10 miles and that is what I did, so I accomplished my goal.  It wasn’t pretty, but I don’t think anyone was watching. 🙂

Tomorrow is my day off.  I really need it this week. Next week starts my workouts for our 5K in May.

Here we go again.

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