The best run

Wow, what a Friday run. All week my runs have been horrid. They were slow and painful. What I mean by painful is that my legs felt tight and heavy. Not yesterday.

It was awesome. I ran faster yesterday for my 7 mile run than I have ever run in my neighborhood. The only faster time I had was during my half marathon. I ended up with an 8:02 pace and a 49:45 10K which is a personal best for me (outside of the half marathon). I felt like I was a runner during the run. I know that sounds crazy, but my legs were relaxed and my stride felt perfect. My cadence for each mile was between 89 – 90; perfect!

I think the difference yesterday had a lot to do with the weather. It was a perfect day. It was 70 degrees, sunny, low humidity and a nice cool breeze. We had storms the night before and got rid of a lot of the pollen that was in the air.

To be honest, I was getting a bit worried about my running. I know I over did it this week, but things were so bad that I was beginning to not look forward to going out. One good run wiped that feeling away!!!

I am taking today off to get an off day since I didn’t get one on Monday as I planned. Tomorrow is my long run (12 miles). I am now looking forward to it!!!

4 thoughts on “The best run

  1. It’s amazing how one run can make such a difference. It’s the same when someone gives you a smile or a compliment when you’re down. It can really make your day do a 180! Hard times eventually pass, but it sure does make a difference when someone notices you and cares to comment. The one thing I try my hardest to do is notice a cashier’s name; and use it to wish them a great day. It shows that I cared enough to notice them as a person.

  2. Great to hear such enthusiasm! Guess my bit about overdoing it was wrong. Just don’t want you to get hurt. Keep up the positive attitude!!

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