After the tragedy, we pray and then we run

I am a runner.  I think I can make that declaration now.  I have been running over a year.  I run between 40 – 45 miles a week on average.  I have run over 1,200 miles in the past year.

Why do we as runners run?  Why run 5, 10, 13.1, 26.2 miles.  Why do people put their body, mind and spirit into running?

I run because of the challenge.  It is about the goals.  It is about the ups and the downs.  It is making my body do what I never thought it could.  It is about doing what no one thought I could ever do.  Like most runners, I am determined.  It is a part of my life now.  My off day form running is misery, not the days I run.

I have a goal.  I put that goal in the url of my blog so that I would keep it before my eyes.  In some ways, in just a short period of time, it has become part of my identity.


Yesterday was beyond belief.  I really have no words to express my shock and sadness that something like that could happen.  When tragedies that that occur, it seems to take away something from us as people, as a nation and now, as runners.

Life is about the finish.  When we run a race, we run for the finish.  When we see that line in front of us and we are exhausted and tired, wether a 5K or a marathon, we push harder.  The finish is the goal for the race.  What happened yesterday at the finish line  turns everything on its head.  The finish of the Boston Marathon went from victory to tragedy in a split moment.  Lives where changed forever, not in the way people had thought earlier that day, the way of victory and joy, but in the tragedy of those blasts.

I am praying for those who were hurt, those who lost loved ones.  Those whose lives will never be the same.

We are runners whether we run 1 mile a day or 10 miles a day.  We will continue.  We will persevere.

We will pray for everyone affected and then…

We will put on our shoes and run.



8 thoughts on “After the tragedy, we pray and then we run

  1. Very good, Tom. The thoughts of the Boston Marathon are still chilling. The thought that that could have been us is even more frightening. We stood at or near the Finish Line at the Marine Corps marathons. But I agree with you. Once a runner, always a runner.

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  3. You run because you are runners. Families come because they are supporters. No one thinks such tragedy will happen! Medics are there for heat exhaustion, heart problems, and for runners who have pushed just a little too hard for their bodies. But to have someone or some people to have purposely done something just to hurt people and their families at a community event is horrific beyond words!! These runners are seriously trying their best to win, to beat old records, or even just to cross the finish line. They have loved ones there praying for the endurance and health of their runner. They have supporters rooting for them to cross the finish line, so they can congratulate them. Now to have this added fear is wrong. It is so hateful and evil for the community, the tuners, their families, and their friends to have this purposely evil act to cloud their hearts and minds with new worries is just heartless. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and for those who now have this new fear at such events are comforted and are able to continue to live life for the others who love and need them. I pray that the runners are able to run inspire of this tragedy. I pray that their supporters still come out to support their runners. I pray that this who have lost their lives will continue to live on in the hearts of their families and in the lives of other runners that they have inspired. And I pray that fear doesn’t keep runners and supporters from participating in next year’s Boston Marathon.

    • Very well said. This whole thing is crazy, but we can’t let the craziness get to us. Someone once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. That is true, especially in this situation. Love you, Lovely Wife!!!

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