Inspiration to run

I don’t like the heat.  I never have.

Long before I was a runner, even while a child, I hated the heat.

Now I am a runner and I have to endure the heat.  Last year wasn’t too bad.  I was running 2-3 miles a day.  This year I am running 7-9 miles a day and I would like to keep my pace up.  It is hard to get inspired to keep going outside to run when, to me anyway, it is torture.  This morning for instance.  5:00 AM.  77 degrees and at least 80% humidity.  Today and tomorrow the highs will be close to 100 and I imagine with the heat index, over 100.

So what do I do to keep myself going?  It would be easy to slow down for the summer.  Summer here lasts into October – that is a long time for someone who hates heat.

How do I keep myself inspired?

My goal.  I could wait another year to qualify for Boston, but I made a goal in March of this year to qualify – this year.  It really does drive me.  I wrote a couple of days ago that to go from obesity to a Boston qualifier in just over 2 years would be my largest achievement.  10 years from now no one may remember, but I will. I want to do this and I want to do it this year if possible.  That is my motivation.

This blog.  It amazes me how much this blog inspires me.  I write each day on running or running subjects.  I put my goals and dreams down for anyone to read.  I think as I run about what I will write the next day.  But the biggest inspiration are all the people who read and comment and like.  As I run in the heat wondering how I will keep one foot moving in front of another (as I did on Sunday), this blog keeps me inspired.

Other blogs. Reading others ups and downs and inspirational writings really helps.  It is all about keeping my mind in the game.  I have to keep focused, not on the present reality of tiredness, soreness and heat, but on my goal and other blogs and tweets keep me focused.  Thank you for writing and helping me keep inspired!

Inspirational movies.  The Spirit of the Marathon II comes to theaters tomorrow (June 12) at 7:00 for a one day showing.  When the first movie came out I wasn’t even close to running.  I had the desire, but no inspiration or motivation.   Tomorrow I am going with TJ and RS and can’t wait to sit in a cool theater and be inspired. I need a movie like this to keep my mind focused and my head clear.

I apologize for writing some of the same things I wrote a couple of days ago.  But as I said, I need to keep myself going and writing my blog does just that.  It keeps me inspired and accountable as I head outside into the heat of the afternoon to run.

We all need some inspiration these days.  Think sometime of what inspires you and then do that thing.  It makes all the difference!!!

2 thoughts on “Inspiration to run

  1. I gotta say that this blog and your story helps me to run. I don’t qwuite have the heat, mostly humidity right now, but I still need the drive. My longest run this week was 5 miles and we had an outright downpour right in the middle of it…Wow, that was fun!

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks so much for being so honest about running, it isn’t always fun, but it is worth it when it is:) Also, just to clarify, I have never run a 5K at 8 min/mile pace, that is my goal, but I get excited whenever I get close. Oddly enough, I can’t seem to break the 9 min/mile pace beyond 2.5 miles. I am going to use your logic though, that working on distance will help me with my speed, as I am able to endure more then I can push more.

    Thanks and keep up the great work, I look forward to your progress reports even if I don’t reply, I read:)

    • Thanks for the encouragement and for reading!!! Your 5K time will come down with mileage. All I did for my first 4 5Ks was run. I did no workouts or any other training. I just ran 6 days a week as much as I could. I finally got under 7:00 at my 5K in May. I’m not saying workouts aren’t good to do, but mileage was the biggest help for me. 5 miles in humidity is very good. Congrats!

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