I may not get my chance to qualify for Boston this year

Yesterday was a bit difficult the whole way around.

I did run in the morning and got in my 10 miles.  That put me at 37 for the week and 145 so far for the month.  That is exciting to me as I was working toward my marathon in September.

Then I was told news that might change my plans of running the Lehigh Valley Marathon…

I messed up.  When I looked at the location of the marathon, somehow I thought it was in Altoona, PA.  An old friend who was reading through my blog noticed that I had said Altoona and it is actually in Allentown, PA.  Ugh…

Altoona is 1 hour from my mom’s home. My plan was to visit her which I do each Fall and then run the marathon with TJ (RS is too young) and then head back to her home afterwards.  Allentown is 3 hours away!  My plan no longer works.  The race starts at 7:00 AM.

I have been thinking over my options all day yesterday. I just can’t make this work, at least at the moment.

So, Boston may have to wait for another year.  We may go to Jacksonville in December and run that marathon, but then if TJ and I qualify we will need to wait until 2015.

I like to set goals for myself and work hard to achieve them.  This throws my goals into chaos.  I know people will say, “you probably need another year anyway”, and that may be true.  But I had a goal and this just makes it hard.  It is one thing to try and not make it, but to not be able to try… Oh well.

Life goes on.  There may still be a way to qualify for Boston before September registration.

Never say never.


10 thoughts on “I may not get my chance to qualify for Boston this year

    • A hotel is an option, but that would take a chunk of time away from visiting my mom and brothers that I only see once a year. They would probably be okay with that, but it would be difficult on me. Thanks for the idea. It may still work out. I just don’t know how logistically.

      • Well, they will probably come to support you anyway, I would hope…lol. I say get a hotel room and if it is cost, start a kickstarter or something to get people to donate and maybe you can get the family all there…enough people read this I’m sure…

        • It isn’t cost (as far as I know). It. More logistics. It is just such a mind change. It is like having your life planned out and having the carpet pulled out.

          Thanks for the thoughts. I will do it one way or another.

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