Marathon update and a 55 mile week

It has been a couple of crazy days.

My lovely wife had a horrible migraine starting Sunday afternoon.  I finally had to take her to the doctor yesterday morning and as of last night, it was better, but not great.

As I wrote yesterday, my plans for our marathon have hit a snag.  Yesterday I was much less hopeful of a solution, but after a lot of feedback from many sources, I think I might have come up with an answer…

If my big brother will change his dates for visiting my mom’s and come in Sunday rather than Friday, I think it will work out.  The only hitch is to find a hotel in Allentown for 2 days that won’t be way expensive because of the marathon.  Then we can go up on Friday, have Saturday to review the course (which we always do before a race – it really helps) and the run Sunday and head to my mom’s afterwards.  Seems doable.  I haven’t looked at hotel rates yet, but I will and then check with big brother and if all that works, we will be back on.  Thanks to everyone for your feedback via the blog, email or phone.  It was a big help.

Now on to my killer week of running.  I’ve thrown out pace all together.  My goal right now is miles and building a base and then work on my speed about 6 weeks out.  I normally take Monday off since Sunday is my long day, but I have obligations Friday afternoon, so I decided to run Monday – Thursday and take Friday as my off day.  TJ has helped me work out a plan.  I am running 8 mile days and a 15 mile long day.  I’ll probably split my long day into 2 runs of 7 and 8 miles.  That will put me at 55 miles for the week and 200 for the month.  The reason I’ve thrown out my pace is I don’t want to push too hard and also the heat.  I have had some light physical issues, but not much for the mileage, so I am thankful.

Sometimes life is like running.  You push and push to get through each day and if you hit a wall, you regroup, shake it off and keep going.  Running has taught me so much about endurance in life.

It will all work out!

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