Successful running – create a habit

Running on hold…

My hip is better, but I still have pain.  I figured out that a light slow jog is less painful than walking, but I am not going to take any chances.  I have a Chiropractor appointment later today, so hopefully that will help.  This all comes from the time I jammed my hip while running on a sidewalk.  Lesson:  When running on a sidewalk, don’t get distracted.

So yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk.  The main reason is to keep my “running habit” going for when I am better, which I hope is soon.  My theory from 16 months of running is that in order to be a consistent runner, it must become a habit.  Habit is the key to most success in life.  If you can create a habit, you can be consistent and succeed where others fail.

I used to run 3 days a week.  I did this for a month or two and then it stopped.  16 months ago I started running 6 days a week.  I’m still running.  I’ve learned that in order to create a habit, one must do the same thing at the same time of the day.  Don’t hear me wrong.  I didn’t mean to say the same time, as in 2:00.  I mean the same time as in after an event that happens every day.

Let me explain.

I run after work, which works well for the winter and lousy for the summer.  Because of what I do for a living I get home at various times, but for me it is usually between 2:00 – 4:00.  As soon as I get home I run.  Everyone know this and even the dog leaves me alone.  I go upstairs, get changed, say goodbye to my Lovely Wife and head out the door.  Everyday weekday.  This has created a habit that even if I want to stop, I really can’t.  Of course Mondays are my day off, but even then I go outside and walk a couple miles.  On the weekends I do have to adjust, so I run as soon as I get up and eat.  Every weekend I do the same thing.

So yesterday I decided to walk since I didn’t think I should take a chance on running and I didn’t want to break my habit.  I got home, got changed, said goodbye and walked for 2 miles.  I came home, played with the dog outside while I cooled down and then went upstairs and showed.

I don’t know why I went into this today, maybe because I didn’t have much to write about.  Suffice to say, habits are important to any success, whether exercise, work, family, even spending time with “the dog”.  Next time you want to be successful at something, just do it the same time everyday for 3 weeks and it will become a habit.  It might get boring, but no one said success was always exciting.

Do the same thing, the same time, everyday and you will succeed!

6 thoughts on “Successful running – create a habit

    • Thank you!!! It is exciting. I have a 5K on Saturday and so the chiropractor said he gave me 3 appts worth of therapy in one session. I go back Friday. He said if I do all he says, I should increase my pace a bit. Very exciting.

      How’s your running going? Any running posts coming up? No pressure. 🙂

      • Oh wow, great news! Again, I am so happy it was nothing serious!

        Running is going….okay? I am really trying to embrace taking things slow, but having one of those a little frustrated to not be back to normal as fast as I would like kind of days. 😉 I should have a post soon, I am trying to figure out the rest of the week,the service is out of town, not sure when yet. 🙂

        • Take it easy. It can take a while to get back all the time you needed to recover. My goodness. I’m going crazy after 3 days off. I can’t imagine what you are going through, but I understand the frustration. Take care. I hope you are able to help out your friend!!!

          • Yeah, I am doing my best! 🙂
            Oh heavens I bet! It definitely takes a very different kind of thinking to not want to go out and run because you can’t ! 😉
            And you too! This will be my first funeral in a very long time. I was literally going to one after another for quite some time. Then I had two very close friends both have their service on the same day/time different places. How could I choose? I said that’s it, no more funerals unless its family or a few close friends and their family. So it should be interesting!

            • What a difficult situation… 2 funerals at the same time… What a horrible choice to have to make.

              It will be interesting as you said. By the time you get back, you might be ready for a good run. 🙂

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