Retro Run 5K race recap

Wow, what a weekend.

To being with, our vow renewal went awesome Friday afternoon.  We had a great family time all of the day.

One thing I learned…

5 pieces of Pizza Hut pan pizza + 1 milk shake + hot weather + run immediately after = a really hard 4 mile run.  🙂

On to our 5K race yesterday.  I really had fun.  It was Birmingham in July at 6:00 in the evening and it was just under 80 degrees.  At the starting line it began to rain, which felt nice, but into the race a bit, it got very humid and hard to breath.

All in all I had a good race.  I didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t run much the past two weeks.  But I ended up coming in at 22:04 which is my second best 5K race time, so I am happy with that.

TJ, RS and my friends Neill (@bigBigGeek) and David (@David_Topping) all did really well.  Neill and David both set PR’s.  On a warm humid evening like yesterday, that is amazing.  TJ did incredible.  Just shy of his PR, but he has also run 360 miles in the past month.  I don’t know how he does it.  JR and HM both came to watch and cheer us on.  That is always a nice thing and really helps.  Thank you both!!  My Lovely Wife was home with her bad back, but she kept up with calls and texts.  I really missed her there, but I understand why she couldn’t sit there for 2 hours.

Today is normally my long day.  After averaging near a 7 minute mile for 5K just 14 hours ago, I may take today off or just go out for a short run later.  I haven’t run under an 8 minute mile since May and my legs are feeling it this morning.

Tomorrow starts a new week and hopefully I’ll be going back to my 45 – 55 mileage.  Marathon in 7 weeks.  Oh my!

12 thoughts on “Retro Run 5K race recap

    • Thanks. I do admit I am a tad worried about the marathon. But I figure if I can run 4 miles with an over full stomach, surely I can run 26.2 easily. 🙂 Maybe??

      By the way, I’m nominating your blog for the Best Moments Award. I will probably post it tomorrow. I do enjoy your site!

      • Aw, thank you! 🙂 That’s so thoughtful of you.

        Also, is the upcoming marathon a BQ? Will it be tougher than ever for people to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon because of increased interest after the bombings?

        • Yes, it is a Boston Qualifier. It is a “fast” race as it is a 240 foot net drop in elevation. I think last year 25% of people who ran it qualified for Boston, which makes it the 4th fastest Boston qualifying marathon. It will be tougher for people to get into Boston as they allow the those with the fastest qualification times to sign up first. So, I have to finish in 3:30:00 to qualify, but those in my age group that qualify at 3:10:00 get to register first.

          I was hopeful to qualify at this marathon, but have since decided not to worry about that, with it being my first. I will just see how it goes. Right now, I just hope to finish! 🙂

          Thanks for asking!!!

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