Sick Daze

Okay, it seems that as soon as I committed to running the Lehigh Valley Marathon on September 8th, my life has… well fallen apart.

Maybe it is just me, but I was very sick the past two days.  I had the worse sinus infection I’ve had in years.  In fact, I don’t think I have missed a day of work since I have lost weight and stated running because of being sick.  Now…  2 days.

I just had a great run on Tuesday and now the week is gone.  Today I will run, but since we have a 5K race in the morning, I’ll have to take it easy (and since I haven’t been out of bed in 2 days).

But I am going to try my new magic weapon.  Beat root juice.  Yes it sounds disgusting, but it is loaded with nitrates and is supposed to increase endurance by up to 15%.  Well, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Short post today.  Tomorrow I’ll be hangin’ with the dog and then running with TJ, RS and my friend Neill (@BigBigGeed) in the Shake and Bake 5K.


18 thoughts on “Sick Daze

    • Thanks. Yeah, I just had my first bottle of beet juice today. Not a lot of fun drinking it, but if it works, I’ll do it before each race. The article (I don’t remember where I read it) said to drink 500 ml starting 3 days before a race and the final one 2.5 hours before the race. I couldn’t face drinking it yesterday with the way I was feeling, but I have it in for today and I’ll drink another in the morning before the race. Should be interesting. I’ll let you know.

  1. I hope you feel 100% better tomorrow and can have a good run! I’ve also been sick the last few days, but hopefully I’ll be able to race cross country tomorrow if I feel okay.

  2. Training for the marathon is hard, it messes with your mind as well as your physical state. You are on track, this is just a blip. Beetroot juice is lovely, an acquired taste, not sure about it’s performance enhancing ability it’s hard to tell, but it’s healthy. Keep going you’re almost there!!

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better! I haven’t tried beet juice, I will have to remember that! I do a green drink every day, I mix it with cranberry juice to ward off the grass taste, but I have noticed it has boosted my immunity. Good luck with your 5k, although you won’t need it, you are going to finish like a boss! 🙂

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