More thoughts on “The Voice”… Thankfulness is the key!

Thank you everyone for such a great response to my blog post yesterday!  I had more views on my post yesterday than the day of the Boston Marathon.  It was also a great thing to see another blogger pick up where I ended and write their own story about struggling with “The Voice”.  Sarah wrote a really good post here (  Go read it when you get a chance.

Yesterday, as I lay on the Chiropractor table waiting for him to work on my hip, I thought more about combating that voice that talks so negatively to me during my runs.  I realized that it actually begins before my run.  Mainly on my speed workout or long run days.  So I decided that I am going to begin thinking more positively about my running, especially on those days.  I am beginning by just being thankful that I can run, let alone so many miles and in the Southern heat.  I am thankful that I can go to a Chiropractor who can help me be able to run a 5K race and a 17 mile long run in the same weekend and still be able to walk.  I am thankful for my continued weight loss and keeping those 100 lbs off.  I am thankful that I am off all my prescriptions that I took for years.  I am thankful I am off my CPAP.  There are so many things that running has helped me with that I cannot even begin to list them here.

Running has changed my life.  I went to the doctor the other day for my sinus infection and my heart rate was 56!  That isn’t even one beat a second.  That reminded me of something my father used to say to me.  He said that his theory was everyones heart has a finite amount to beats for each life.  So the slower he could get his heart to beat, the longer he would live.  I don’t know if that is scientific or not, but it sounded good to me.

I am training for my marathon on September.  It is hard and not every workout will be pleasant.  However, I am going to work harder at being more positive and thankful to God for the fact I can run and I am really going to work at extinguishing that negative voice before and during my workouts.

Life is too short!  I want to make the most of all the time I have to live.  Running helps me do that!

I am thankful!

15 thoughts on “More thoughts on “The Voice”… Thankfulness is the key!

  1. I LOVE your dad’s perspective on heart beats. I think that is awesome. I’m heading now to read your post from yesterday.
    I’m sometimes awestruck at what running and fitness has done for my life. It is hard to put into words sometimes. It is like I have reclaimed the life I was meant to live.

    • That is a great comment. Thank you. It is so true that running has helped “reclaim” life! You and myself and so many others have benefited from this sport. It is amazing.

  2. My God bless you and your running all for His glory. Keep up the good work. And I still contend you have no idea how impressive what you’re doing is. 👏👍👊

  3. Haha…okay, I just love reading your posts! I have to say that the voice has taken me down before and the other day, I LOVED THE QUOTE about never making a decision while running uphill. Loved it!

    Anyway, I saw this cartoon page and thought entirely of you, well me mostly, but thought you might get a charge out of it. The first page is the best, there are a few “iffy” parts in the other pages, but the first page is what I want you to see. Very funny, true and on point with “the voice.”

    Keep running my friend, your infectious! And I’m not talking about that sinus thing…bahaha

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