I choose not to run… maybe

What a month last month was for my running.  I needed that month to be able to go to the marathon next Sunday and not panic.

I had a PR in miles run in a month – 195.

I had two 20 mile runs.

I had two 28 – 30 mile weekends.

Overall is was a great month.  Except…

Okay, I’m beat up a bit.  My hip is feeling better today, but my achilles on my right foot is not good and the upper part of my left foot (where you tie your laces) is still hurting quite a bit.

I’ve decided that I am not running another step until I feel better.  Today I am working, but tonight I will soak my feet in ice water and heat my back (not at the same time 🙂 ).  My goal is to get to the starting line at the Lehigh Valley Marathon and know that I will “rock it”.  That doesn’t mean I won’t run all week, unless of course it takes all week to heal.

So just consider this tapering on steroids.  I have to get my body back in a good place.  I don’t want to be a person who says, “I worked out for 4 months and then got hurt”.

I’m 50 years old and have only been running 17 months.  Everything I do is new to me in running.  I’ve learned a lot and I have a lot to learn.

If anyone disagrees (or agrees) with me on this decision to not run and to heal, please feel free to let me know.  I don’t want to regret what I did or did not do the last week before the biggest challenge of my life.

15 thoughts on “I choose not to run… maybe

  1. The best thing you can do is get to that starting line in great shape and if it means resting, then rest. I like the R.I.C,E. method myself. Also foam rolling is an excellent way to work out the kinks. Either way, you’ve built your endurance, the work is done. All you need to do is feel better and run strong at that marathon. You can do it!

    • I like that advice. Thanks. I just don’t know when enough is enough! After this first marathon, the next should be better, I hope. I’m just a bit nervous. Anyway, thank you for the help!!!

  2. A kindred spirit! I am 51 and began running regularly in 2010 at age 48 First marathon was Chicago in 2011, just before turning 50. I have a challenge race this weekend, too – my first 50-mile ultra. I don’t know if you have a coach, but mine says it’s time to rest and carbo-load.

    Congratulations on making it this far! You’ve accomplished an incredible amount already. If you don’t qualify for Boston this time, you will someday. And I suppose that’s my non-professional take on it. This is your first marathon. Your goal should be to finish it. Period. Enjoy it for what it is, learn from it, and “rock it” in your second one. Based on your PR times, 3:30 is technically doable, and you have a great base, but it’s a lot to ask of yourself to qualify for Boston with your first 26.2.

    Best of luck no matter what, and I look forward to finding out what happened!


    • Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the help. I must admit I go back and forth between trying to keep an 8:00 pace and on the other hand just seeing what happens. I guess I won’t know until Sunday and I see how I feel. Wow, a 50 miler. Congratulations. I doubt I’ll ever be there, but who knows. Good luck. I’ll be checking on your race also!!!

  3. Here’s another vote for allowing the healing to happen. Maybe now’s a good time to run the marathon in your head, so you can feel that you’re spending time every day preparing in some way. Your body knows what it needs to do on the day of the marathon, and you’ll do well.

    • That is a good idea. I really wish I knew the course a bit, but I don’t know that we will have time to see it since a lot of it is on a trail. Anyway, thank you!!! Great advice as always!

  4. I’m with you. As an older newish runner, I don’t want to ruin all my hard work by being I overzealous in the final few days before the race.

    Take care of yourself. I know you’re going to do great!

    • Thank you. You are correct!! It is so tempting to do too much and mess up all that work. I hope your foot is doing better. Mine is finally beginning to feel better. One more day and I hope to be fine. I hope you are Better also.

  5. 195 miles is a gruelling month for anyone, especially for someone who works and has a life. You’re not going to lose any fitness in the last week so that base isn’t going to desert you, but if you just stop then your body is going to rebel a bit. I’d suggest cycling to keep the blood flowing and muscles moving (no impact), and some good stretching routines to help ease the kinks out. And don’t forget to eat healthy and start the carbo loading. And most important, enjoy the race and the build-up!

      • Thanks for the link and the advice. I don’t have a working bike at the moment, but I’ll do something, like walking. I’ve been using ice on my foot and heat on my hip, so I hope to have those under control. Anyway, I do appreciate it.

        • Swimming is another good one, if you have a pool nearby. And water walking/running can be good rehab for ankles, feet, knees and hips because it gives you an impact free workout with motions similar to running. Either way, even if you only keep up rest and ice/heat treatment, it’s all better prep for your race than trying to go out and do a 50 mile week!

          • We so have a pool nearby. Good idea. Also I hadn’t thought about water running/walking. I admit I so want to go for a nice run, but I figure, as you said, spending the time stretching and with my friendly foam roller will bring bigger benefits. Thanks for the help!

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