4 days and counting… @ViaLehighValley

Wow, only 4 days to go to the Lehigh Valley Marathon. I can’t believe that in 4 days we will be in PA and running our first marathon. TJ is doing great and I know he will run his best. As I told RS, no matter what happens, as long as I finish, it’s a PR. 🙂

Today I have a physical and then a Chiropractor appointment. Tomorrow is packing day and then we leave at 4:00 AM on Friday. We get to the hotel in a short 14 – 15 hours and get some rest. Saturday it will be time to explore the route, pick up our bibs and relax and watch football. I normally don’t like running the day before a race as I feel great after a day off. This time it depends on if I have run at all this week. I may run a couple of miles with TJ Saturday morning. I’ll play that by ear.

Sunday morning is the race. 7:00 Eastern time. Right now the weather is supposed to be 60 degrees at race time with 98% humidity. Hmmm. I don’t like that humidity part. I guess it could be worse. Also it is still a while away and weather will change. I am hoping for a lot less humidity.

On the blog front, I don’t know if I’ll post tomorrow. I am 99% sure I wont post Friday. Saturday is a “probably” and Sunday I might post some pictures before the race starts. After it is over TJ and I have to get back to the hotel, shower, pack and drive 3 hours to my mom’s home. So, assuming I make one of my kids drive (which I think I will), I may be able to post a quick recap via my phone during the drive.

So it will be a busy few days leading up to Saturday. I hope to sleep in Saturday and have a relaxing day.

I can’t believe it is only 4 days before the marathon.

25 thoughts on “4 days and counting… @ViaLehighValley

  1. Not as advice, but just my experience: The year I ran Via, it was rainy and humid at the start. In the section of the race on the towpath which is mossy & ferned, the air was heavy and made it difficult for me to breathe (not usually a problem for me). I had a Vicks lozenge tucked in with my Endurolites and popped it in my mouth. It cleared up my breathing quickly. I really enjoyed the course and my finish time was within 8 minutes of my PR marathon. Have a great race!

    • Wow. Thank you for the info. That is so helpful. I never thought of Vicks before. I will make sure I have some with me. It is really neat that you ran this course. I am really looking forward to it. I read there are going to be 2,500 runners this year.

  2. Nice work! Sounds like a great race. I’ve not done a small-field race like that and would love to give one a try. All the best for Sunday. And definitely get your kids to drive, if only so you can have a (well deserved) break after the run!

    • Thank you!!! I defiantly will let the kids drive. I may just sprawl out in the back while they drive. I’m really looking forward to the race. It is sold out this year. Can’t wait.

  3. Good luck and enjoy the experience! It should be beautiful. PA is my favorite state, but I could be a little biased 🙂

    • I grew up in PA. My mom went into labor with me at a Penn State football game. Needless to say, I do miss the North! Especially the cooler temperatures. Thank you. It should be a great race.

  4. At 60 degrees, the humidity will probably be more like dew than monsoon.

    I’m running a 5k (assuming my foot feels ok) on Sunday morning, so I’ll be running at te same time as you for a bit. I’ll send good running vibes. I think you’re going to have an amazing run. I can feel it! I’m looking forward to the race report.

  5. Sending cooler, less humid vibes over. While blogging’s great, it’ll keep until afterwards- quick phone-updates will be very welcome, though! As you said- just see how it all goes.
    Wishing you the very best of luck! 🙂

  6. Enjoy the experience and update everyone as soon as you can! I will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way for a strong race. I know you will have a great one…and that Vicks idea sounds like solid advice. YOU WILL BE AMAZING!

  7. Good luck, you’ll do awesome!! The best advice someone ever gave me was “Trust your training” I always get nervous about not running enough or training hard enough, but you’ve put in the work and it sounds like you’re ready, so just relax and enjoy the race 🙂

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