Quick running update… Long walk home

Yesterday’s run was a bit tough.  I really am not 100% back yet.  I would say I am at 75% or a little less.

It was a nice morning yesterday.  Not as cool as Saturday, but still a nice day for a run.  I decided to do 3-4 miles in my neighborhood and I used my Saucony Mirage shoes that I haven’t used since I started training for my marathon.

All was well until about mile 1.5.  My left calf started hurting.  I never had issues with my left calf before, but it started cramping at the end of my marathon and I guess it isn’t better yet.  I stopped and stretched it out and then went on with my run.

At mile 2.2 my knee started hurting in the same place it did Saturday, so I called it a day and walked home.

I’m not too upset about my running as I know it can takes a couple of weeks to come back from a marathon.  My only issue is that on Friday I am having a minor procedure that will prevent me from running for a week, so I wanted to get a few runs in before then.

That is all my news for now.  Life it returning to normal.  I’m back at work and the kids are all back to their jobs.

It is strange not preparing for a race.  I guess I need to spend next week looking at the events and calendar and see what is on the horizon.

12 thoughts on “Quick running update… Long walk home

  1. Good idea: if you can’t run for a wee, it might be a great opportunity to plan out your next adventure and what that will be!

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