My 3 mile run + Bonus

3 miles!!!

I ran 3 miles yesterday.  It went well (of course it was just 3 miles).  I was pretty tight in the beginning and then I loosened up and ran better.

Heading out to run with @BigBigBeek in our beautiful State Park.  I haven’t run there since before my marathon.  I’m looking forward to the run and getting to catch up with Neill.

Short post today.  Just trying to get back into the swing of running.

As an added bonus ( 🙂 ), below is a picture I’m going to purchase from my marathon 3 weeks ago.  This was taken at the end of mile 24.  I’m on the left and running with me was a neat guy I met around mile 22 and ran together until just after this picture was taken.  It really helped me get through those last few miles.

Mile 25

Mile 25

22 thoughts on “My 3 mile run + Bonus

  1. Thanks for the shout out on your last post! That was so nice of you!! And I got three miles in today too! Amazing sometimes, when you’re hurt, how just a few miles can be so wonderful! Unfortunately, I need to continue taking time off running though. My fingers are bleeding as I type this. And great picture at the end of a marathon!

    • Thanks!! I hope you get better soon!!! It is tough taking time off. My run today went well other than my achilles. It is acting up again. I may need to try a different running shoe. I had hoped all the time off would help, but I guess it didn’t.

  2. I just looked at this picture and racked my brain trying to remember this part of the race…I have absolutely no recollection of it!! Man, I really don’t pay attention when I am running, haha! Great picture though. They did a good job with pictures at this one, I got some awesome ones out of it!

    • I agree. This picture was taken at the last bend right before the last hill going toward the finish. It might have been closer to 25.5 miles now that I think about it. I can’t place any of my other pictures. This one was memorable because of the wave. 🙂

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