PureFlow running

I took the plunge.

Brooks PureFlow 2 - My new shoes

Brooks PureFlow 2 – My new shoes

These are the first pair of non-Saucony shoes I’ve owned.

Brooks PureFlow 2

TJ, RS and I went to the TrakShak in Birmingham yesterday evening to hear about training runs and events for the Mercedes Marathon in February 2014.  We’ve never really participated in group runs and training runs, so this is new.

While waiting for the event to start, I began trying on shoes.  TJ was a huge help as I have been one sided with Saucony and he has branched out a bit.  I really liked the Brooks PureFlow 2 as soon as I tried it on.  My foot is a little on the wider side and it had plenty of room.  It’s weight isn’t much more than the Saucony Fastwitch shoes I’ve been wearing for some time now and it definitely seems to have more support.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll be wearing them on at least one run.  I walked again yesterday because of my hip.  It is about 90% better, but I really want to give it the time it needs to heal so that I don’t have to interrupt my training for the Vulcan 10K coming up November 2.

The other great thing about the meeting last night was that there was a guy there who has run over 136 marathon and above races and has been running since the 70’s.  Here is his blog.  He is also a physical therapist, so I was able to ask him about my SI joint issues.  He was very helpful and recommended some easy stretches to loosen it up for running.  As with my Chiropractor, he said never stretch right before running.  He did say to stretch as much as I can throughout the day – thus I will.

I hope that things will start to settle down for me.  I really like to run and I am not one who likes to do many other physical activities.  I know that I should probably cross train and do other forms of workouts, but I am not an athlete.  I just want to run.  I don’t mind (but don’t really enjoy) running workouts.  They helped me get my first half done in 1:44 which I thought was great.  But for me running is simple.  Running is fun.  Running is what I want to do.  So that is what I do.

I’ll write about how I like the Brooks.  It really is about time for me to move beyond one brand of shoe.

Thanks for everyone’s ideas and support on my posts over the past few days.

I couldn’t do this without you all!!!

23 thoughts on “PureFlow running

  1. I MUST make a correction!!! You run, therefore, you ARE an athlete.
    I was always a solo runner until a few years ago. Running with a group is a really good thing, especially when you have a specific goal. You can find people to socialize with, but one of the best things I’ve recently found in my new group are the people who push you a little further than what you thought you could do. Best of luck!!!

    • Thank you. I just don’t see myself as an athlete. Thanks for the correction! I hope to be more involved with a group. I only wish they weren’t 30 minutes away. I guess it is a small price to pay for someone that can “push” me further as you said! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  2. I have 3 pairs of Brooks Pure Flow 2’s and I love them! And, trust me when I say, I am a true shoe fanatic and I have a ton of running shoes, but when I switched to Pure Flow 2’s, I got faster and my form got better. I’m not kidding, they are awesome. I hope you enjoy them but try them out slowly because you definately need a little time to get used to them. 🙂

  3. I know how frustrating it is, not being able to to run. There seems to be runners out there that begrudge putting on their trainers and running in the pouring rain and at the time you’d give anything to feel the rain running in your eyes. It will get better. Please don’t feel down. Like running a marathon, returning from injury gives you wisdom and even more appreciation of your sport. How funny, I am just contemplating a change to the Brooks pure flow, my 10 year old has them and she loves them. Out of curiosity, do you heel strike or forefoot? I’m a heel striker (not heavy) and wonder how they cushion the heel.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I like my new shoes, and I hope to be able to wear them soon. 🙂
      I am a heal striking forefoot runner. I so run on my forefoot, but my shoes wear a bit on the heals. That is probably left over from my attempts of running in my younger years. My sister used to yell at me to land on my heels. I guess old habits are hard to lose!!!

  4. Think of cross training as a way to be a fitter runner. Working on core strength has certainly helped me a lot. Things like planks and wall sits have taught me that I can push through the burn and helped with my ability to endure on the long runs. But I do hear you about running, the simplicity and fun can’t be found in any other thing. I love running too 🙂

  5. Hope you’re back running in your new shoes soon. They look good and sound like they might suit your running too. Your comments about being a heel striking forefoot runner reminded me of this RunBlogger article which shows that a good percentage of ‘heel strikers’ actually have mid-foot pressure loadings. Ie they are ‘pseudo heel strikers’.
    I would also put myself in this camp, so I’ll be interested to see how the PureFlow work out for you. Keep us posted!

    • Thanks Bernie. Will do. I feel like I am a pseudo mid-foot striker. I guess it just depends on how you look at it. I’m holding off on the new shoes until I am sure I’m over this SI problem. I don’t want to introduce a new variable while I know I’m not 100%. Thanks for the article and all the great info!!!

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