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I got this comment from Bernie at GetGoingGetRunning this morning and I thought it would be good to just make my answer into a post:

Hi Tom, I was wondering where you had got to!
Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve got an injury. Every runner gets injured at some point. It’s just part of the trials and tribulations of the sport.
So you’re not running? Tell us what you’re doing instead! What weird nasty exercise has the chiropractor got you doing now? How much do you want to meet the inventor of the foam roller so you can tell them what you really think of that little tube of pain delivered in such a calming pastel colour?
I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone here when I say we’re rooting for you to get back on the running train, and that we all understand from our previous experience what you’re going through and we are just as interested to see how you’re dealing with not doing what you’ve come to love.
See you back on the running train soon!

First of all, thank you Bernie and everyone for your support, advice and encouragement.  I do appreciate it and it has been a huge help.

Okay, I think I am back to normal.  I say that because I have no pain and feel pretty well.  I started taking Turmeric as a natural anti-inflammatory and it seems to be really helping.  I also have spent more time with my heating pad at night than my Lovely Wife. 🙂

As everyone who has ever read this blog knows, I am not a huge cross training type of guy.  It honestly isn’t that I am against it.  I did get out my late sister’s bike the other day and was going to ride it, but I need a helmet and stores are proud of their biking helmets.  They can be expensive. It’s hard to spend as much money on a helmet as I did on my new shoes that sit in a box by the couch.

So I walk.  Yes it is boring, but here is my thought…  With rest (as Joey and others have encouraged me) I know I’ll get better.  My Chiropractor benefits are used up for the year.  My main “fear” is that I will lose the habit of running.  So I figure if I keep going out each day at the same time and walk for 45 minutes, I will keep the habit of doing an activity that is similar to running, just slower and more boring.

I may try a slow run today.  I’ll see how I feel after work.  The weather is awesome and I’m feeling great, so I should be good to go.  Worst case scenario, if for some reason I can’t run for an extended period of time, I’ll take up biking.  Maybe there will be a triathlon in my future.

Thanks again Bernie and everyone!!!  It would be so much harder without this blog and reading your blogs!

10 thoughts on “Running reply

  1. You of all people will not lose the habit of running. I can understand your fear, but there is simply no way. Bernie’s comments are hysterical and right on…as always! I sincerely hope that you are past the worst of the injury and that your next attempt at running goes well. Sending you good vibes!

  2. I am not worried at all about you “losing the habit of running”. It is not going to happen. The fact that you even fear that means that it’s not going to happen. You just ran a marathon in the not too distant past, you are doing great by any standard! I wouldn’t worry too much and push yourself…take a rest! I know you have heard this quite a bit and as runners we deny it for as long as we can! And, if there is any good time to take a short break and rest, it is right now, going into the darkness/coldness/winterness. Sounds like the weather is still good where you are (I think Alabama if I remember), but it must be still getting a bit colder! If you need to take same time, even just time doing some gentle running, just think that you are healing your body and preparing to go into kick-ass mode when you are done! I had a similar thing happen (although everyone is different, no one feels how you feel) where I ran on a pulled hamstring to the point where I couldn’t even sit without pain. I was extremely convinced that I would never, ever be able to run without that pain again. I was told to take 8-12 weeks off from running and then do a very slow ramp up. And you know what, it never bothered me again. So chin up! You will make it through this and be stronger than before sooner than you realize.

    • Wow, thanks. Thinking about my “fear”, I think it comes from the fact it was just 2 years ago that I weighed close to 300 lbs. I do think it is unfounded though. I agree with you on that. It is good to hear that you were able to come back after nearly 3 months. I may take a little more time to make sure I am totally well. I sometimes wonder if this isn’t all related to my marathon. Anyway, thank you again for the great comment and the encouragement!!!

  3. Tart cherry juice is a great natural anti-inflammatory.

    And check out some YouTube videos for yoga for runners. Many of them are only 10 minutes long, but might help.

    I agree with Bernie, fwiw.

  4. Speaking of cross-training (and a triathlon), have you thought about swimming?? I know it’s not the move convenient sport but MAN it feels amazing on sore joints and it really conditions your lungs for when you start running again! Think about it!

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