The Injured Runner Award

The Injured Runner Award

I was thinking last night, boy I know several runners who are down and out at the moment.  Some can’t run at all (like me) and some can run, but it is painful.

The roughest part of running is not running.  When you get injured, your daily routine gets disturbed.  Your daily endorphin fix is no longer available.  Your stress had no outlet.

It is tough.

For me, I am putting up my running shoes.  I made an appointment with a orthopedic sports medicine doctor and will see what he thinks.  I know time will probably fix my problems, but better safe than sorry.

So, although this isn’t a real award or nomination, I thought I’d list a few of the recent blogs entries of people who are dealing with injuries or recovering from injuries.  Take a moment and go to their blogs and write a comment.  It is something we all have to deal with.  Also, if you know of other injured runners, feel free to post a link to their blog in the comments.

Life is tough without running and encouragement from other runners is like a life line.

Here is my list:


Running to Her Dreams

Jane Likes to Run

The Quinquagenarian Runner

Thanks again for the help and advice with my injuries.  I will probably take the next 4 weeks off which is tough as I’ve already taken about 5 weeks off (not consecutive) since my marathon. I’ve been thinking of changing my blog name to WalkingToBoston.  Maybe not!

Have an awesome weekend.


19 thoughts on “The Injured Runner Award

  1. Praying for good news from the doc! Glad you are taking this step. One of the Newlyweds can’t run Marine Corp this weekend bc of what she thinks is SI joint pain. Now she’s going for an MRI today to make sure it isn’t a disc. As I told her, it’s far better to know what’s really going on than to guess blindly. Same goes for you-this is a BIG step for a runner. We all hate going to the doctor! So I am very proud of you for taking this step.

    Hang in there, Tom! It will get better. I promise you that.

    • Thank you!!! I wouldn’t have come to this place without your encouragement! The end goal is to run again pain free (if that is possible), so hopefully this will get me going in that direction! I hope you friend gets good news!

  2. I agree – better to deal with a minor injury now before it turns in to something serious. Hopefully you’ll get some good news at the doctor and be able to get back out on the road soon!

  3. I hope the meeting with your doctor brings good news. And, I wouldn’t even begin to try to say this isn’t tough and awful (I know I would be a huge ball of stress), but I certainly will say that taking good care and time to heal up now will be the best in the long run. Good luck with it!

  4. So so glad like everyone else that you have made an appointment. You can’t put the problem behind you until you know exactly what you are dealing with. Not running is terrible (we’ve all been there), but when you get back to it, you will be even more grateful than before, and you will be surprised at how your body gets right back into the swing of it!

    • I hope I am surprised. That is my biggest fear. I don’t want to have to get back in shape. That and gaining my weight back. As you say, this is best and I have to think of the big picture! Thanks!!!

  5. Thanks! We are all in this together. To be honest, when I was driving in to work this morning, I kept thinking, what am I going to do this weekend? I have nothing to do! I thought about trying to go swimming, but I hate swimming! Going to attempt the elliptical after work today. Just not the same. But I think that I am still kind of tired now from my race, so it is not bothering me as much. But give it 5 more days.

    • Yes, these races can be tough on our bodies. I think that is my issue. I “pushed through” my training with the Chiropractor, but I wonder if that did more harm then good. I hope you rest up this weekend and just enjoy the time off!!!

  6. Awe, thank you SO much, this brought tears to my eyes as it has/is so difficult to feel held back and all the while maintain a positive attitude. I have had an especially difficult time with it all the past few weeks. I do hope the Doc goes well for you! I know you will run again!
    I have been considering seeing a specialist, but at the same time I am also afraid of what they would say and I cannot deny I have made progress, just painfully slow progress. We will get back to real running one day, meanwhile thank you again, reminders that I am not alone in all this brings comfort. 🙂

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