Out sick

Yesterday was a sick day for me.  I felt it coming on Tuesday, and when I woke up Wednesday for work at 3:30, I felt miserable.  Seemingly just a bad cold, but I was achy, tired, sore throat and stuffed sinuses.  It has been a rough patch for me lately, but this too shall pass.  As I tell my kids, if you are having a good day, know that a bad day will come and if you are having a bad day, know that a good day will come.  Life works in cycles.  Be prepared.

So no walking yesterday, though I did 3 miles on Tuesday faster than my previous best.  I guess I PRed my 5K walk on Tuesday, 🙂

This afternoon I have my orthopedic sports doctor appointment.  I will mention my hip and achilles to him and see what he thinks.

Updates tomorrow.


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