Results – Running soon!

I got great overall news yesterday when I went an orthopedic sports medicine doctor.

My concerns were my hip, which hasn’t recovered since my marathon and my achilles which we really bad a couple weeks ago when I tried running.

He took X-rays and I told him about my desire need to run.  I told him how I weighed 100 lbs more that I do now just 2 years ago and running was the major reason I am where I am physically.  He seemed impressed and wanted to help.

For my hip, he said I had bursitis.  He said he wanted to inject it and then have me put heat on it and an anti-infamitory cream.  He also wants to send me to a physical therapist to get some help. So he came in with a needle and went to inject me.  At the point I thought he was numbing it, he was done.  No pain from the needle!  By the time I got into my car, I was in less pain.  For the first time in a long time, driving my stick shift didn’t bother my hip.  My walk yesterday afternoon felt great and, though I wanted to “try it out” running, I didn’t.

My achilles does have a spur on it.  He said he could operate on it but that could end my running completely.  He said it looked fine and I think the PT will help me with that some also.  He just said to stretch well use ice.

Before I left, I asked him if there was any reason I couldn’t run immediately and he said no, I can run as soon as I want.  He did say not to run hard for a bit, so no workouts – darn! 🙂

Everything checks out.  I figure I’ll keep walking through the weekend and maybe start running slowly starting next week.

Enjoy your running weekend.  I’ll be right there with you soon!!!

24 thoughts on “Results – Running soon!

  1. Such great news! So glad to hear it…but take it easy with bursitis. That can have a tendency to stick around! Is an Achilles spur like a heel spur? I have those, and they can hurt like the devil…yuck!

  2. I am so happy that you got such good news! I got to know bursitis a month ago when a lump half the size of a golf ball showed up on my elbow. The doctor said mine didn’t merit an injection, so I had to wait the 2 weeks for it to go back down. It felt like a really bad bruise whenever I put weight on it, so I can only imagine how painful a hip would be, considering the weight it bears. I applaud your prudently slow return to running!

  3. That’s great news! Check if your PT does Active Release Therapy. It’s saved both my husband (shoulder issues, such as dislocated back ribs) and me (my inflamed for joint). I’ve heard a ton of people who were helped by this method.

  4. Great news Tom! And good ‘maturity’ not to go out running immediately! Let the injection do its stuff and build up.
    Great to hear you’ll be back running soon, but we all knew you would be anyway 🙂

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