Magic City 5K – My next race

I had a good run yesterday.  Unfortunately I had a little hip pain as I ran, but it was the first time I’ve run 2 days in a row in a long time.  The pain was just sharp jabs – about 3 in a period of a couple of minutes.  So I kept running.  I feel fine today.  In total, I ran 4 miles.  To break it up a little, I run 3 miles, walked a bit and then the forth.  Good times.

I think TJ and I are going to run the Magic City 5K on Sunday.  Assuming I can keep healthy, I would like to run a race.  I haven’t run anything since my marathon in early September.  I really enjoy running more after a race.  I will not be looking to PR since nothing would be worse for my hip than to run as hard as I can for 3.1 miles, but I really want to go for the experience.  The race is in downtown Birmingham.  We last ran downtown was during the Mercedes half marathon last February. 

So with this race I will feel like my running is beginning to get back on track.  With the Mercedes Half Marathon next February, I’ll have to begin training soon.  I haven’t run more than 5 miles at one time in months.  Last year I ran the half in 1:44 and I’d really like to beat that this year if possible.

It is nice to have something to write about again.  Running is fun, walking is boring.  I hope I never get hurt again. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Magic City 5K – My next race

  1. Hmm…are you the kind of person who can resist the temptation to go all out when people you know you can beat are passing you and maybe your hip is feeling loose and you hate running slower than you’re capable of and you’re thinking maybe just a few cut-loose miles would feel so good and surely it won’t hurt your hip ‘cuz it’s only 20 minutes or so? 🙂

  2. I am sure you will do great! And walking is boring, but walking is still showing up and not giving up and I think just overcoming that challenge is a huge accomplishment in itself. Like I’ve said before keep on keepin’ on, you’ve got this! 🙂

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