On the road again – running day 5

4 for 5!

That’s right.  I’ve now run 4 out of 5 days.  I’m still not 100% and when I approach steep hills I walk up them because they cause me the most pain.  But here is the breakdown of my last 5 days.

  • Wednesday: 7 miles
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 4 miles
  • Sunday: 4 miles

So adding it all up, I’m at 18 miles in 5 days.  Not much really, but I’ll take it.   I am feeling pretty well overall and the runs have been enjoyable with 2 of them with other people.

My goal is to keep in the 4 mile range and around 10:00 pace for a while until I am able to run without pain.  We have a 5K coming up in a couple of weeks that I want to run with TJ and then a half marathon in February.  I have consigned myself to not push hard in either race since I don’t want to be out hurt for another month.

So I am slowly building up my endurance and coming back to life with my running and not a day too soon.  My weight is up about 13 lbs since my marathon and at 4 miles a day I can start bringing it under control.

This injury thing has been tough, but it is nothing that almost all runners haven’t experienced.  I made some mistakes that made it worse and one day I will write my thoughts about what I did wrong and what I did right!

2 days of runs

I think I’m finally coming back from my injury. I ran 3 mikes yesterday and 4.25 today with @bigbiggeek.

Today’s run was fun. I really enjoy my runs with @bigbiggeek and due to my stupid injuries, I haven’t been able to run much. We ran in the state park, in the cold and rain. Still it was great to catch up. My hip did great until toward the end when it started getting sore. Normally in the rain my bursitis acts up, but I had very little pain today.

I’m excited that I stumbled upon the “New Serola Sacroiliac Belt” on Amazon yesterday. (Link). It seems to help a lot of people. I can’t wait to give it a try.

All in all a great (but rainy) day!

7 mile Christmas day run!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, as I did.  It was wonderful to spend time with my family and see my youngest child finally get his license.  He is a cautious driver and I’m glad to have a new chauffeur in the house. 🙂


I had  a great run yesterday with TJ.  We ran last Christmas in the cold and rain, but yesterday was sunny and 48 degrees.  Not a bad day for a run.

So after all the food of the morning, we headed out at lunchtime for a 3 mile run. Two days earlier I had to stop a run after 2 miles because my hip was hurting me too much.  It was also very cold and windy and I knew I was tensing up.  So I took Christmas Eve off and then headed out with TJ for a slow easy run.

We decided to run the route of a 5K we ran in our neighborhood last spring. It isn’t normally a run we can do since part of the run is on a busy, narrow 2 lane road, but being Christmas day, we thought it would be safe.

It was a good run and we talked quite a bit about my hip and how I could run more and not get hurt.  As we ran, we walked up steep hills since they are painful to me.  We also ran at a good pace for recovery.  We averaged about 10:50 pace which is about 2 minutes slower than my normal winter pace.

After the three miles were up we decided to run a short trail behind our house.  This is a flat, easy trail.  More like a managed mile long park then a trail.  Anyway, we finished that two mile trail and headed home.  Nope.  By the time we got home, TJ mentioned that just one more mile and we would be at the mileage we ran last Christmas (7 miles), so we headed out for one more.  We finished at 7 miles in 1:13:50.

Okay, here is the significance of this run.

I haven’t run 7 miles or over 70 minutes since my marathon in September.  On top of that I really felt great.  Very little hip pain and only a moment of pain from my heel spur.  I felt so great after this run.  Christmas day, beautiful weather, a fun time with my second oldest son and the longest run in nearly 4 months.

Today I’m sore, but not doing badly.  I have twinges from my hip, but overall feel great.  I may walk this afternoon rather than run, just to play it safe. I’ll see after I get home from work.

So thank TJ for a fun run and a confidence booster.  Oh – and for Christmas TJ said he’d pay for my next marathon.  Although I don’t know when that will be, it was such a great gift.

Life is good and I’m definitely feeling better about things.

Slow and steady.

I will be back.

I’m happy

2 days left.

2 days until I can run again… hopefully.

What bad timing.  Not running during Christmas where there is food everywhere.  At my work, rather than a Christmas lunch, we decided to have 2 people bring in some type of food each day for 2 weeks.  So there has been real food and dips; doughnuts and candy; just about any type of food every day for 14 days.

Therefore my weight went up more than it has been.  Fortunately (sort of)  I had a nauseous headache yesterday and couldn’t stomach the food that was brought.  I also couldn’t walk after I got home because I just felt awful.  I went to bed, eat some soup and went to sleep early.  I did wake up at 2:30, but still got 8 hours of sleep.

I haven’t been too inspired to write this blog lately.  I guess it is a combination of not running, not wanting to complain about not running and just the time of year.

Finishing the marathon

Finishing the marathon

I was thinking back to my marathon in September today though.  It was so hard and yet so rewarding.  I can’t believe I was able to run 26.2 miles after only running for 19 months.  Now, if I get to 4 miles I’m elated.

Life is good though.  I have good kids, a lovely wife and a great home.

I can’t ask for much more than that.

2 days left.

I’m happy.

Last four months of running

It was a quiet weekend.  Taking a week off from running isn’t much fun.  Especially since my mileage has tanked in the past 4 months:


  • August 2013 – 195 miles
  • September 2013 – 66 miles
  • October 2013 – 44 miles
  • November 2013 – 34 miles
  • December 2013 – 12.5 miles

So, I’m not real happy with all the time I’ve had to take off.  I’m hoping that after this week off, I’ll begin to get back to some sort of consistent running, even it is only a few miles a day.  Time will tell.

Part of my latest problem was that I was beginning to recover and run consistently and then ran a 5K and that set me back again.  My plan now is not to run a race before the Mercedes Half Marathon in February.  I REALLY want to run that as last year it was the most fun I’ve had at a race in my short running carrier.

So, onward and upward.  Only 4 days left in my self imposed rest.

Frankly I need to run just so I can keep this blog going.  A running blog without being able to run isn’t very interesting. 🙂


Random thoughts about running, and taking a week off

It has been hard to keep positive about my running lately with all my physical issues.  One way I do is thinking about the feature length movie that will chronicle my journey from obesity to Boston. 🙂  Hmmm, that might be a good name for it to, “From Obesity to Boston – one man’s journey through massive suffering and how he overcame!”

Alright, seriously.  I must confess that as I run and my hip hurts and I just want to be done with this running thing, I do think about what it would feel like to reach my goal.  That keeps me going.

That said, I’m taking a week off of most exercise just to get past this.  I may take longer, but I do feel close to being over this “pain in the hip”.

Maybe while I take this week off I’ll start my screenplay.  Maybe I’ll start my book.  Maybe I’ll just sit and watch reality shows.  Maybe my life is a reality show that I don’t even know is being filmed.  Maybe all life it just the matrix and we are in the middle of a computer simulation.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/11/universe-hologram-physicists_n_4428359.html.

Ultimately we all try to find significance in life because sometimes the world feels like it just randomly spins.  I’m glad I have my faith and it was given to me in a way that cannot be taken.  Running, walking, doing nothing, I know in whom I believe and if it weren’t for that, I’d be gone long before now.

LIFE is Good.

See you in a week.

A surprisingly painless run

I was surprised.  I ran yesterday and it didn’t hurt… much.

I left the house figuring I would walk 3 miles.  I got outside and it was cold.  Okay, it was only 48 degrees, but in Alabama the humidity makes the cold a lot colder.  So I decided to just run slowly to warm up a bit and stop if I felt too much pain in my hip.  Well I never had to stop.  After 3 miles I was done, but feeling pretty well.

Honestly at this point, I really want to get back into the mode of running each day; even if that is only 3 miles.  I have a half marathon in February that I would like to run and then a marathon in March that doesn’t look likely at the moment.

On top of all of that, I will need to take the week off beginning Friday, so that will give me some more time to heal.

Ahhh the fun of the sport.  I saw someone yesterday that I hadn’t seen in 9 years and he mentioned several times how good I looked.  That made me feel pretty good, especially since I still have on the extra 10 lbs since my injury.