A great day – and a slow run!!!

Yesterday was a good day.

By the way, I  forgot to mention that my last post was #300 for me.  Pretty cool.  Next month will be one year of blogging.  I never thought I’d do that – and never thought I’d run a marathon.  Pretty big year.

Back to yesterday.

To begin with, I ran… a little.  I went out for my walk and decided to mix in some slow running to see how my hip was doing.  It did pretty well.  I didn’t time myself, but that old man with the walker passed me on my run so I know I wasn’t setting a PR. 🙂  Anyway, I walked a little and ran a little and then repeated that about 5 times.  3 miles.  So, I am beginning to feel confident that my time off of running after my 5K injury has helped and now I can begin to slowly get back into a routine.  (@BigBigGeek, I think we can do a slow run tomorrow at the park.  I’m not sure I can run the whole time though, so you may have to go on and meet me on your way back).

So running will begin again.  TJ still wants me to run the Shamrock marathon in Va. Beach in March.   Hmmm.  I’ve been thinking that might not happen, but I’m open.  I’ll see how December goes and how our half goes in February and decide from there.  Frankly that was not an option to me until he brought it up.  Although I never thought of running Boston until he brought it up.  What would I do without him!

Finally two great things happened at work yesterday.  First, my work has agreed to purchase my Google Glass option for the company.  I love that I am in IT and at a company who lets me be on the cutting edge.  Thanks Work!  Second, I was notified that our organization and the program I’ve created will be featured in major media markets in an advertising type of campaign.  The software company is impressed with our organization’s story and how I’ve programmed their software.

All in all it was a good day.

Today will be even better!

11 thoughts on “A great day – and a slow run!!!

  1. OK. A little behind on the blogging due to a wee wittle ice storm. Congrats on the job front and the Google Glass! That’s incredible! And Im glad to see the hip seems to be settling down. Keep Shamrock on your calendar as a goal – you can always readjust goals down the road. But if you don’t have it down, you have nothing to aim for. And that’s when we runners tend to become stagnant.

    Hope the weather is good in ‘Bama! My 5k was cancelled this morning and Dallas got canned yesterday. Lots of upset people – but when highways are shut down over night because they are solid ice, what do you expect?

    • Good advice. I’ll keep Shamrock on the calendar. I need to get my running back on track soon… Hopefully.

      Wow, ice in Texas. We missed it, but 30 something degrees this morning was harsh after 75 yesterday.

      Sorry about the canceled race, but running on ice would not be fun. 🙂

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