The power of Twitter

Running wise it was a quite weekend.  I really think my hip is back to running health and I will test it out today.  I took the weekend off to rest it and because it was cold and rainy and I didn’t feel like running (just to be blunt).

I did have a cool thing that happened to me this weekend.  Not to do with running, but does deal with social media.

I have a Frigidaire refrigerator/freezer.  It has worked perfectly since we purchased it 5 years ago.  The frustrating part was that on the refrigerator side, all the shelves began breaking.  First the side door shelves and then the main section.  Even a nob built into the side of the fridge to hold a shelf broke off.  It has gotten to the point where we have 2 shelves in the main part of the fridge and 1 on the door and that is all that is left.  I thought about trashing it and getting a new unit, but it works flawlessly and the freezer side has no issues.

I checked on prices of the shelves and they range on the low side of $50 EACH.  That is crazy for shelves that have all broken.

So Saturday, in frustration I tweeted this:

@Frigidaire Great working fridge. Inside shelves all broke though and even pegs on wall to hold shelves.

Within minutes I got a tweet back and they asked for my email.  Long story short, after a few exchanges of emails and tweets, they sent me this:

Thanks for responding so quickly, Tom. I have provided you a parts reference guide for your refrigerator model. Please review it and provide me the part numbers you believe you are in need of. On behalf of Frigidaire, I would like to provide those to you at no cost as a way of saying thank you for being a part of our family.

Wow, now that is customer service.  I’ll be buying Frigidaire from now on and will recommend it to my friends.

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