3 mile run – still not fully back yet

I ran yesterday for the first time since December 1.  It was a good run, but sadly not pain free.

I know I probably shouldn’t have run, but I was feeling well all day and so I just went for it.  Really the run wasn’t too bad.  I didn’t run fast and I stopped to walk a little when I needed to.

3 miles in 28:31.  Not bad.

I will probably walk today and see how I am doing tomorrow for a run.

It is killing me to miss running in the winter.  I really enjoy the cool weather and since we have avoided all ice and snow, it has been a good season so far for running.

Life is good and I’m not complaining.  Getting in 3 miles is awesome for me at this point.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “3 mile run – still not fully back yet

  1. Hope everything feels better soon Tom. I’ve been where you are, it gets better. Hope you’re able to run comfortably again tomorrow.

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