Random thoughts about running, and taking a week off

It has been hard to keep positive about my running lately with all my physical issues.  One way I do is thinking about the feature length movie that will chronicle my journey from obesity to Boston. 🙂  Hmmm, that might be a good name for it to, “From Obesity to Boston – one man’s journey through massive suffering and how he overcame!”

Alright, seriously.  I must confess that as I run and my hip hurts and I just want to be done with this running thing, I do think about what it would feel like to reach my goal.  That keeps me going.

That said, I’m taking a week off of most exercise just to get past this.  I may take longer, but I do feel close to being over this “pain in the hip”.

Maybe while I take this week off I’ll start my screenplay.  Maybe I’ll start my book.  Maybe I’ll just sit and watch reality shows.  Maybe my life is a reality show that I don’t even know is being filmed.  Maybe all life it just the matrix and we are in the middle of a computer simulation.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/11/universe-hologram-physicists_n_4428359.html.

Ultimately we all try to find significance in life because sometimes the world feels like it just randomly spins.  I’m glad I have my faith and it was given to me in a way that cannot be taken.  Running, walking, doing nothing, I know in whom I believe and if it weren’t for that, I’d be gone long before now.

LIFE is Good.

See you in a week.

8 thoughts on “Random thoughts about running, and taking a week off

  1. Sometimes we get sidelined with life, injuries, or other things. It is important to not lose sight of our goals, take a break and come back to them when all is right.

  2. Keep it up Tom. Enjoy your week off, hope you spend it doing ‘book’ instead of ‘reality tv’.
    Hope your issue sorts itself out soon.

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