I’m happy

2 days left.

2 days until I can run again… hopefully.

What bad timing.  Not running during Christmas where there is food everywhere.  At my work, rather than a Christmas lunch, we decided to have 2 people bring in some type of food each day for 2 weeks.  So there has been real food and dips; doughnuts and candy; just about any type of food every day for 14 days.

Therefore my weight went up more than it has been.  Fortunately (sort of)  I had a nauseous headache yesterday and couldn’t stomach the food that was brought.  I also couldn’t walk after I got home because I just felt awful.  I went to bed, eat some soup and went to sleep early.  I did wake up at 2:30, but still got 8 hours of sleep.

I haven’t been too inspired to write this blog lately.  I guess it is a combination of not running, not wanting to complain about not running and just the time of year.

Finishing the marathon

Finishing the marathon

I was thinking back to my marathon in September today though.  It was so hard and yet so rewarding.  I can’t believe I was able to run 26.2 miles after only running for 19 months.  Now, if I get to 4 miles I’m elated.

Life is good though.  I have good kids, a lovely wife and a great home.

I can’t ask for much more than that.

2 days left.

I’m happy.

8 thoughts on “I’m happy

  1. Remember…the tortoise wins the race. Find the things you can do that don’t do more damage and let yourself properly heal. Your body will thank you for it in the end. 🙂

  2. Two more days – you can do that standing on your head! Food, holidays, weight gain….we ALL go thru that. You are not alone! Just enjoy this time of year and relax! Running will be there for you when you (and your body) are ready.
    Stay positive, friend!

  3. Hi Tom. Don’t worry, we’re all with you in the same boat. It’s Christmas.
    Sure, you’re injured and unable to run (as am I) but looking back to your past successes is a great motivation for the future. For you, me and everyone.

    Enjoy your Christmas, don’t worry about you’re reduced running, keep enjoying your family and friends and have a good break. See you on the other side!

  4. I have been absent from writing and reading for a while and haven’t kept up with your blog like I should. I really understand the need to balance more food with more running, especially at this time if year. Being (what I call) an ex-fat person it’s a hard habit to break. I haven’t ran in 3 weeks but hope to get out this week. Look forward to reading about your next run.

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