My next 5K

Plane crashes, iPhones, running, oh my!

Life seems back to normal.  I took Wednesday off from running as I had already run 6 times in 6 days, so I figured it would be wise to let my body heal.

Yesterday I went out to run 4 miles and achieved my goal.

I must admit I am itching to get higher mileage in, but my head tells me to hold off.  I get twinges of pain in my hip about every 100 meters or so.  Once I can run 4 miles pain free, I’ll begin to up my mileage.  My plan is to concentrate on running well, pay attention to my form and run slowly.  Oh yeah, and DON’T GET HURT.

I must say one of my biggest motivations to stay healthy is not wanting to walk 3 miles a day anymore.  However every time I read everyone’s race recaps and think… I could do that… Then I think… 4 miles a day.

I love racing.  It makes running worth the pain and aggravation.  But I know I’ll never get back to racing until I get better.

Oh, did I mention I have a 5K with TJ a week from Saturday?  No, I’m not kidding.  It is the Red Shoe Run, a race TJ and I raced in last year and I really enjoyed.  My plan is to run to feel and not to place.  I know I can run 8:30 for 3 miles and be fine.  I also know that if I run 7:00 for 3 miles, I’ll be walking for another month.  I just hope my competitiveness stays away.  I think I have a good grasp on being wise and not overdoing it right now, so I think I’ll be fine.

Maybe @bigbiggeek could run it and I could pace him.  That would help.  TJ will be out in front as usual.  I can’t wait to see how he does.

Have an awesome weekend and stay healthy!!!


9 thoughts on “My next 5K

  1. Maybe you can find a slower runner or newbie to pace for your 5k. I had a surprising amount of fun doing this with a friend this week. You get the vicarious thrill of someone crossing the finish line and meeting their goal in part because you helped them do it. Just a thought to keep your pace in check.

    • I was thing about that. I’m trying to see if my running friend wants to run and have me pace him. It would be a lot if fun. TJ did that with me last spring, and it really helped and was fun. Thanks!!!

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