I made it back down to the 180’s. Okay, the upper 180’s but it still counts!

After my marathon and my injury and Thanksgiving and Christmas… well let’s just say I was pushing 200 lbs.  I think I got up as high as 197.5.  So for me to weigh myself this morning and see the second number of my weight be an 8 was a wonderful thing!

For me… this is how I lose weight.  This is what works for me..

I eat anything I want before I run and nothing after.

Now that isn’t exactly true.  Essentially my basic diet consists of eggs for breakfast, almonds for a snack, Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese for lunch and about 64 oz of water.  Then I go home and run at least 4 miles in the afternoon.  It has to be 4 and not 3 miles.  I will lose weight at 4 miles and I won’t at 3.

So I might snack after I run, but mainly I drink 32 oz of Gatorade and try not to eat much.

If I eat a regular dinner, I usually gain weight.  However I can eat almost anything (within reason) in the morning (Krispy Kreme 5K is looking tempting).

My eating isn’t complicated.  I do know that if I run at least 4 miles and don’t eat much for dinner I’ll lose weight.

Tonight for dinner… Pizza.  Oh well, I’ll have the rest of the weekend to get back down to the 180’s.

I love pizza.

8 thoughts on “189.9

  1. Pizza is my biggest weakness for sure!!

    Funny how you have to do 4 miles not 3 to lose weight…I have a 3miler scheduled for today, but I’m considering making it 4 now…hmmm What’s one more mile?

    • It is strange, but I figured this out about a year ago. As I began running and was up to 3 miles, I wouldn’t gain weight, but I wouldn’t lose it either. Once I got up to 4 miles I began losing it. Must be a calorie thing.

  2. You should probably have something with protein after longer runs because otherwise you’ll metabolize muscle rather than fat. Ok. I sound like a preachy know it all. Sorry. :p

    Congrats on getting your weight back down. Running is so awesome for fitness!

    • No preachy.. Just good advice. I used to drink chocolate milk while training for my marathon, but I have gotten out of the habit. I’ll pick it back up. Thanks for reminding me!!!

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