Photographic proof. We did run that race! :)


Okay, I’ve gotten over my lack of recognition in this race and am glad that it gave money to a charity.  However, even though we are no where to be found in the results, below are pictures of TJ and me running and finishing the race (and stuffing out mouths with donuts).






It is now official for all time on the Internet and with the NSA that we RAN THIS RACE!

Have an awesome day!!!


13 thoughts on “Photographic proof. We did run that race! :)

    • Normally I’d say it was, but trying to eat 12 donuts in 5 minutes wasn’t the most fun. I joked to a photographer nearby that I’d give him $5 if he would just eat one of mine. He didn’t go for it. 🙂

  1. Regardless of the lack of ‘official’ placings we all know you placed where you said you did! I’m still getting my head around this race though. Two 2-mile dashes and a dozen-doughnut interval. They should do a triathlon version with pizza after the swim leg, beer after the bike leg and saving the doughnuts for the dessert in the run leg…

    • Thanks Bernie. And yes, you got it right. 2 miles, a dozen donuts and two miles back. Quite an experience. Great idea on the triathlon. It would be interesting running the last leg after drinking beer and eating pizza!!!

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