14 thoughts on “Southern Snowstorm

    • I do have my running shoes in my car, but no running today. I think I hurt my hip pushing cars up the hill. Anyway, I am probably stuck at work all night, but fortunately a pickup truck full of food got stuck in our parking lot and said we can eat anything we want. So Pizza and cookies tonight!!!

  1. Stay safe!! This makes me smile since I live in central Iowa and our versions of snow storms are very different. All perspective and what we are familiar with 😉

  2. We just started getting the sleet in the last hour. Be careful! I haven’t lived in Iowa for three years so it’s actually exciting for my family! We keep going out to see if it’s getting slippery and accumulating and all that “southerner” stuff! They’re out of school and everything is closed so we might as well enjoy it!!

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