33 miles of running last week

It was a good weekend for me.  It was bittersweet as I missed running the Mercedes half marathon this year.  It happened yesterday, but because of my hip injury, I wasn’t able to get my training started soon enough to participate.  I did think of all those runners as I was running up my mountain yesterday morning.  Funny, I didn’t see one runner in the entire State park.  Not one.  I guess they were all in Birmingham. I wish I was.

My run yesterday consisted of running up the mountain that I now call “my mountain”.  I figure since I conquered it 3 times now, I can call it mine.  I went by myself yesterday as TJ was wanting to run a long run and RS was sick.  RS did come with me to walk and take some pictures though.

The run itself was uneventful.  It is about 1.5 miles to the road that leads up the mountain.  Then a 2 mile climb (800 ft) and then I continued about a half mile so that I’d have 8 miles in by the time I got back to my car.

I really think this run is one of the best runs for getting me into shape.  It is like a hill run and speed workout all in one.  Also, once you run up and down and still have to run smaller hills for 1.5 miles, it really takes it out of you.

All in all I can feel the strength growing in my legs after each run.  I feel less sore today than I did the first two times and my hip has almost no pain.  I think I will keep this mountain run in my weekly runs for a bit.  Just to get some real endurance and strength built up.

As to the rest of my weekend…  Nothing much happened.  I had a good time with my family.  It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday so we cooked out at TJ’s and then called it a day.  Back to work now and back to my 5 mile runs (or 5.5 mile runs if I decided to add 10% again this week). Last week was a record week mileage wise for me since my marathon.  I managed 33 miles.  Not bad, but far off the 50 miles I used to run.  Time will allow me to get back there.

Have an awesome week.


8 thoughts on “33 miles of running last week

  1. 33 miles is great, especially with (or right after?) an injury. It must suck to miss a race, but run long enough and it will happen at some point…. you’ll be stronger for the next one.

    • Thank you! Yes, we ran that race last year and it was my favorite race all year. It was just fun. We have scheduled a half for the end of April, so hopefully I’ll be back fully by then.

  2. Prognosis sounds great! Hills really are great for training. I’ve got two of them on my training schedule this week. Like you, I always feel like a stronger runner after completing the workout.

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