Those stupid steps!

It was a good run.

I got 5 miles in.  The first 5 mile since I got sick 2 weeks ago.  It was cold, raining, and I felt great!

Then it happened.  No not on the run.  I was home.  I made my Lovely Wife some eggs and was taking them to her.

I walked ran up the stairs and my foot slipped.  I fell on my knee and… yes… jammed my bad hip.  Seriously?  I was so angry with myself and in so much pain!

My run was almost perfect.  Even though it was close to freezing and raining, I ran great.  I ran steady.  Outside of my first mile, I kept the same pace the whole time.  That is a big deal to me.  I tend to vary my pace quite a bit, but this was just steady.  It felt good.  I felt good.  My hip felt good.

Now I’m hurt.

I woke up this morning and didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would.  But as the morning has gone on, my hip is getting stiff and sore.  I am walking and icing and doing anything I can to keep it mobile which helps.

To be honest, I don’t think I could run today, even if I tried.

Doctors orders will be a week off.  I’ll be walking and keeping it moving.  I’ll be resting.  I’ll be taking anti-inflammatories.

Just to kick my mood up, I purchased a new pair of my running shoes.  I love my Brooks Pure Flow 2 shoes and got them for $50 with free 2 day shipping at RunningWarehouse.  They will be waiting for me next week as I start my umpteenth comeback from injury.  This one was stupid, but an injury is an injury.

Have an awesome weekend.  Run, walk, have fun.  Life is short.


18 thoughts on “Those stupid steps!

    • Thank you! I have found from experience that a week is usually enough, but this was a much harder jam, so hopefully it will be okay. I may go to the doctor next week if it doesn’t get better over the weekend.

  1. I understand your pain…I whacked my knee on the pedal of my bike this morning hard enough to cause it to bleed. I think we both might need to be put in bubbles 😉

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