The 4 wheeler and the cop

Yesterday, I had decided to walk 4 miles.  About half way into the walk my hip began acting up a bit and to err on the side of caution, I decided to cut my walk short.  So my route was changed and I headed home.

As I entered into my neighborhood and was waking towards my home, a 4 wheeler came down the hill, through a stop sign and was traveling at a high rate of speed.  As the guy passed me, he looked back like he was looking for someone.  In my mind, I first thought I’d see another 4 wheeler come behind and perhaps they were racing through the neighborhood.  I also thought, he is going so fast, that short look back could have caused an accident as he was running through all the stops and going much faster than the speed limit in my subdivision.

I continued to walk and saw a police car pass by.  He slowed down and rolled down his window.  I took my earbuds out of my ears and walked over to him.  He asked if I saw a 4 wheeler go by.  I told him I had and that he had already gone way up the hill and out of view.  He said that this guy was trying to avoid him and took off after him.

A few minutes later a truck stopped by me and asked what was going on.  I told him the 4 wheeler story and he said that cars in general fly through the neighborhood so fast that he is worried about all the kids that play and bike.  I agreed and said it is also worrisome for a runner like me.

That was it.  I walked home and never heard another thing.

It is crazy the way people drive in our streets.  I live in a great neighborhood and city.  It is small and a suburb.  There are no bike paths though and it is a constant struggle to keep a watch for drivers who don’t seem to care that I’m out there or who are distracted on a cell phone.  I know all of you have similar stories, but seriously, it gets crazy.  I have almost been hit once and TJ has had to literally jump into the grass and a car almost wrecked after noticing him.  They just kept going.

I guess this is life in the small city.  99% of drivers are great.  I try to be extra careful.  I guess it just takes patience and vigilance to stay safe with people so distracted and in such a hurry.

I’m not complaining, at least it gave me something to write on my blog about. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The 4 wheeler and the cop

  1. I’ve noticed while going on long runs with a group that a lot of drivers resent runners on the road. I will admit, I kind of don’t like bike riders, but that’s partly because so many pick and choose which rules of the road they want to follow, which makes me anxious driving around them.

    However, there are often car drivers who refuse to cross the dotted line in the road even when no other traffic is around, and they honk and shake fists at us. It’s really sad.

  2. It’s a good point and really a shame – as you say, 99% of drivers are great, but you always meet the odd one that seems to be actively trying to kill you. I always wear high viz and reflective stuff on the roads and don’t run with music in traffic – it’s just too dangerous. It’s even worse when I’m out riding my horse, I hate taking her on the roads. I trust my horse, but I don’t trust the other drivers!

  3. Same for me, our street is kind of quiet so drivers let themselves drive fast.. it always scare me to think of a kid just running after his ball to the street, a biker, a runner..

    • Sometimes I think the more quiet the neighborhood the worse it is. Funny that our school bus drivers move over farther for me than many drivers. Most are good, but it only takes one!

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