I’m being taunted by RunKeeper

I use 3 running apps to track my progress.  I like both Nike (with whom I share workouts with @bigBigGeek and @David_Topping) and RunKeeper.  I really like features about both and so I track my runs in both.  The way I track my runs in 2 apps is by using a 3rd; iSmoothRun.

The iSmoothRun app lets me use it to track my run and then upload to both Nike and RunKeeper. On top of that, I send a backup to my DropBox just in case it is needed (which I have needed once in the past).

So how is RunKeeper taunting me?  I got this nice reminder on my phone a few minutes ago:

Exactly 7 days go, you were working out. Lets make that happen again!

Seriously RunKeeper?!?  I have a hard enough time NOT running while trying to recover from falling UP the stairs.  Now you taunt me with this?

Okay, I am just kidding… sort of.   However, for me, that reminder was honestly not appreciated. 🙂

Tomorrow is a new beginning.  Nashville, here I come!

10 thoughts on “I’m being taunted by RunKeeper

  1. It annoys me when my jawbone up24 tells me that last week I moved x many steps on a day, but this week I fell short of that by like 100 steps. Um, that doesn’t mean I failed for the day, thank you very much.

  2. Lol, I just looked at my app, and it tells me my longest idle time last week was 3 hours, and although I ran about 45 miles last week, the app is telling me that’s no excuse to “laze about all day”.

    Actually hose 3 hours happen to be when I took my Up24 band off to cook dinner.

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