4 thoughts on “Hanging with the dog…

  1. That’s so sweet! I love running with my dog, it makes her so happy. Sadly, she’s too old now to come on proper runs with me, but I still sometimes take her for a short lap around the park, which she still loves to bits!

    • That is so nice. I love my dog, but she isn’t too much of a running dog. Still, she is sweet.

      BTW, I likes your post on the Rome marathon. How cool. I’d run it slow too. There are not many times you get that experience. I was going to comment, but my app messed up. I hope those who follow my blog look at yours. So cool!!!

      • Thanks a lot for the kind words! I’m super excited about the Rome marathon and want to just enjoy it. 😀 I’ll definitely write about my experience of course and will see if I can snatch any pictures along the way!

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