Weekend away along with some running

I had a good weekend of running overall.

It started Friday with my run at up the mountain.  That was a strange run.  Other then the strangeness of it, I got in 8 miles before my trip out of town and that was nice.

Then Saturday I got up and ran the Riverwalk in Chattanooga.  As I began my run, I noticed a race getting ready to start.  It looked like a 5K.  I was temped to go ask if I could join, but decided to just keep with my run plan of another 8 miles.  This was a nice run.  My legs were tired from the day before, but it was nice to run along the river.  I ended up with about 7.5 miles because I had to get back to the hotel by 10:00 to eat breakfast… and I really wanted to eat breakfast.

So I got back and eat.  Eggs, sausage and potatoes.  A good post run meal.

Sunday I got up and it was raining and cold… So I went back to bed.  We got home yesterday afternoon and I just didn’t have the desire to run, so we eat and went to bed.

All in all it was a good time.  I had fun in Chattanooga and I did get almost 16 miles of running.

Back to work today.  I’m a bit tired from the trip, but not bad.

Hopefully I’ll put in 5 – 6 miles this afternoon.


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