Running with a positive outlook

This continues to be a strange season in my running life.

Yesterday I came home and wasn’t feeling well.  I had a bit of a sick headache.  My thought was to perhaps skip my 5 mile run for the day and just walk a few miles.  By the time I got home I felt better thanks to my Lovely Wife suggesting I drink some chocolate milk.  I guess it was low blood sugar.  Anyway, I decided to go out for my run.

It went really well.  In fact it went much better then Tuesday’s run.  I did have my ACV before I went out as usual, but the run was stranger then my runs lately.

I ran easy.  I decided to not push myself.  I told myself to just take it easy and get a slow 5 miles in.

As I ran, I noticed my pace improving.  I wasn’t pushing myself.  In fact I was trying not to push.  The more I relaxed, the faster my pace got.  There were actually a few times where I got below 7:00 pace – and I didn’t feel like I was running very hard at all.

In the usual places I got a bit tired and did have a phone call during my run, but I felt strong and well for the whole run.

My last mile (almost a full mile – I don’t care much anymore about the last .05 of a mile) I ran at a pace below 8:00.  I was, however, pushing more at that point since I knew it was going to be a good run for me.

It was a good run.  8:23 pace overall.

Here is a breakdown:


I really don’t know what I am finally doing right.  I feel good while running.  My hip is doing well.  My pace is getting better and my VO2 Max seems to be improving greatly.

I have had thoughts of increasing my mileage, but I am good with 5 miles a day and 8 – 12 on my long day.  Rhythm is important and I feel like I am developing one.  In fact, this was pretty much my whole training for my marathon.  5 miles a day during the week and 10 – 20 on the weekend.

So things are moving in a positive direction… Thankfully.  My weight is also down.  I was up above 190 for a bit, but am now at 187.  Hopefully that will continue to go down.

My half marathon is in just over 3 weeks.  I plan on getting in an 11 or 12 mile run this weekend and 13 the next.

This could be a very interesting race for me.  I’m beginning to actually look forward to it.


13 thoughts on “Running with a positive outlook

  1. I really like this. Sometimes I find that your best and strongest runs happen when you are feeling the worst or are just not into it. It is a good reminder that sometimes just getting yourself out the door is the hardest part. But I have also been super excited to run before and a mile in realized it was going to be a terrible run! 🙂

    • I’m the same way. In fact as I was driving home yesterday and figuring I wouldn’t run, I thought to myself, “I bet this would be a great run if I would just do it.” Guess I was right. 🙂

  2. I have to agree with the other commenters. Some of my most exhilarating runs have been when I was forcing myself out the door (kicking and screaming sometimes). I think it has to do with expectations. When our expectations about the run (and about anything) are low, we give ourselves a lot of room to appreciate the little things.

    • True and wise. Expectations, as you mention, are key to a lot of things and how they relate to what we do and how we do them. Just expecting a good run, might make you start off harder and try more aggressively rather than beginning with a slower warmup. Ultimately, a slow and easy beginning is aways best for running I think. Thanks for the comment and the follow!

  3. I am so happy running is going so well for you! I noticed a while back I was looking too far ahead on the trail when I ran which got me into this “oh much farther” kind of mindset, well anyways I started looking just far enough ahead to be safe and I things feel smoother if that makes sense! 🙂

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