Great runs lately, but…

I think I need new shoes…

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 6.54.07 AM

Actually I had new shoes and left them at a hotel a couple of weeks ago.  Of course housekeeping never saw them, but they are gone.  So I had to use my 300 mile Brooks that have gotten a bit worn from my mountain runs.  It is a rough road and I guess I drag my foot a bit going down the mountain.  I must admit though, the great runs I have been having aren’t from my shoes. 🙂

My new shoes arrive today, so these will be converted to lawn mowing shoes for the summer.

Have an AWESOME weekend.


8 thoughts on “Great runs lately, but…

  1. I just went and got a new pair of shoes yesterday because I could seriously feel how broken down my old ones were. What a bummer about leaving them in a hotel room. I had that happen before…same deal, they never saw them.

    • Agree. The only good thing was I only paid $50 from So now I’ll have paid about the same about as I would have for a new shoe. Not the greatest thing, but at least I didn’t lose an expensive pair.

    • Yeah. It is like Christmas every time I get a new pair!!! Ha. I didn’t even notice the souls until my son pointed it out. I guess I need to pay a little more attention to my gear! 🙂

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