20 minute 5K. Do dreams come true?

Have you ever had one to “those” day’s?

A day where everything was wrong.  Nothing was right.  Yesterday was my one of those day’s for me.

At work I kept my door shut and just worked on programming all day.

At home, I grumbled through the house and got on my running clothes and went for my run.

My run was horrible.  All week I’ve had great runs; yesterday I was slow, tired and weak.  It didn’t help I forgot my ACV before my run. I think that does help give me some energy after a long day at work.

I got home and just went to bed (after running the dog outside of course).

Last night I dreamt all night of running.  I remember having 3 running dreams, but I can’t recall what they all were.  The last one, I was in a 5K race and finished in 20 minutes.  I was so disappointed… Okay it was a dream.

I slept deep and hard.

I woke up and all was better.  I feel pretty positive and have had a good morning.

Nothing like dreaming about running to help make the day ahead look bright.

Have a great weekend.

I will.

6 thoughts on “20 minute 5K. Do dreams come true?

  1. I had my first running dream the other night! I dreamt that I ran a 4 hour marathon. It was so vivid, that my groggy self was convinced that it actually happened and just went back to sleep instead of working out that morning!

  2. To me there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to make everything better. I’ve had those days and I’ve had those runs, haven’t we all, but then the day is over, I go to bed, and the next day is literally and figuratively a new day.
    I’d love for a sub-20 5K.. not sure it’s possible for me.. haven’t dreamed (while asleep) about it but it’s definitely on my mind.

    • Isn’t that the great thing about each day… It starts new!!! I would love a sub-20 5K, but I’m with you about being able to do so. Even a sub-21 5K would be awesome to me. The nice thing about dreams is that they allow us to experience the impossible. 🙂

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