Mother’s Day consequences

I got up today and could barely walk…

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “what did I do?”

I ran my mountain on Saturday.  That was a good run, but much easier then last week.  I purposely tried not to run hard or fast as I am still feeling the pains from my half marathon and don’t want to get hurt.  I also ran the short route, so it was 6.5 miles rather then 8.

“No, that was long enough ago that I shouldn’t be this sore.  It must be something else.”

I didn’t run Sunday or Friday.  Once again, I am trying to err on the side of caution and not get hurt.  I know, I should be recovered by now and I might be okay, but I still have left over hip issues and I’d rather run some and slower then a lot and get hurt.

“So if it wasn’t related to running then why am I so sore?”

This was my conversation with myself this morning. Then I figured it out.  My soreness had nothing to do with running.  It was cleaning.  Yes, for Mother’s Day I cleaned out a storage room for my Lovely Wife yesterday morning (thus the reason I couldn’t run – I didn’t have time).  All that bending and sitting and moving worked areas of my body that are not used to being worked.

Goodness, if you can run a half marathon in 1:43, you shouldn’t be down and out from cleaning.

I guess I’m not in the shape I thought I was in or maybe I shouldn’t clean anymore. 🙂

JK. Happy Mother’s Day LW!

11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day consequences

  1. I did a ton of yard work the last two weekends so my back was screaming at me on Sunday. I even had to take some ibuprofen, something that I only take after 16+ mile training runs. I guess it’s all what you’re used to!

  2. What a sweet husband you are…and sadly, so right. Running is a very specific kind of fitness, and those of us who are a bit older (ahem) notice that it doesn’t translate to other physical activities like we might expect. I’m sure that means that cross training is even more important for us, right? Hope you and your family had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you. It was a good day. Yes, cross training is important. I guess I should start doing some now that I am “older”. 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!

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