The Runner’s Paradox

It was a long weekend trying to rest so that my back would feel better.

I tried, but didn’t succeed.

No, I didn’t run.  That would have been a mistake and I’ve made that mistake in the past.

Unfortunately my Lovely Wife, who has had a bad back for 3 years with 2 ruptured disks, woke up Saturday morning with what seemed to be a pinched nerve in her back.  She was a trooper and went out with me to do errands all weekend.  My only issue was helping her in and out of the car, which was not easy with my own messed up back.  She was better by last night, so hopefully she is on the mend – as much as one can be on the mend with 2 ruptured disks.

Then there was the toilet that broke.  I had to try to replace the insides of this toilet that I “fixed” 3 weeks ago.  That was an hour of leaning over a toilet and without a hangover to enjoy (just kidding).

Finally, between Church Sunday morning (Catholics do a lot of kneeling) and fixing TJ’s broken deadbolt, I don’t think I am in much better shape then when the weekend began.

On a good note, I slept well and am still below 185 lbs, which after pizza on Friday night and burgers last night, I’m thrilled.

Back to running (pun intended), I may try some easy miles this afternoon.  I’ll have to see  how I feel when I get home.  I am in the runners paradox.  Do I try to run to keep in the best shape of my life, or do I keep resting even though it hasn’t done much for me?  To be honest, while I am running I don’t feel any pain.  It seems to come on me after walking all day (I average 2 – 3 miles walking a day at work).  I tend to walk fast in order to get a lot done, but today I am going to slow it way down and see if that helps.

I miss running!


12 thoughts on “The Runner’s Paradox

  1. Crossing my fingers that you are better soon. I certainly understand where you are at. When I had plantar fasciitis I watched the scale go up every day. Still not running over here and having learned lessons from that awful time of weight gain in the past I am holding steady of here still. I think learning to deal with your hunger differently when you are not running makes a big difference. Still hope that back is better so you can enjoy a run.

    • Thanks! I agree. It is so tough, as I have been able to eat more while running. I’ve also noticed that after a few days off, I lose weight pretty quickly and then it bottoms out and I start gaining again. I don’t want to get back into that trap! It is a big change, especially if it takes more then just a few days. Sometimes I don’t understand running. 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear that you are injured….Why not try something else, such as cycling, swimming, hiking, kayaking… It will never replace running (believe me : I’ve been there!), but it is better than nothing.
    Get better quickly!

    • Thank you! I do hope I can get out there soon. I have thought about biking, but not much other then that. Honestly, running was a life saver and I don’t have much of a desire for anything else. On the other hand, if this back thing keeps being a problem, I will definitely take your advice!! Thanks again!

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