No pain is gain!

I ran yesterday.

Normally I wouldn’t write such a crazy first sentence to open my post on my running blog, but I haven’t been able to run much lately.  Between back problems, hip problems, and lots to do, I just haven’t kept up with the running.

That’s the bad news – On to the good news.

My back and hip are doing awesome.  I wrote Tuesday about the new seat cushion that I purchased out of desperation at Target.  I figured I’d take it back if it didn’t help.  Monday I had almost no pain.  Tuesday was about the same.

Yesterday was the real test… My run!

Actually, I wasn’t worried about the run itself.  It was the “after the run” pain that I feared.  My back and hip rarely give me problems during my runs.  I don’t know why.  I guess it would be better if they did since that would give me a warning to stop.  But nooooo, I feel good during my run and then about 60 minutes after the pain sets in.  I try heating, icing, stretching, and just about everything to stop the pain, but it just keeps coming back.

Okay, “back” to my run yesterday.  I ran 4 miles at just over an 8:30 pace.  I was happy with that, but worried.  HOWEVER, I am here to tell you that afterwards I had very little pain and today I have none.  In fact I felt so good this morning that I didn’t even remember to take the anti-inflammatory that my doctor had given me.  Yes, I am exciting about this.  I think my issues have all been due to posture and the way I sit.  This new seat holds my body up and level so that there isn’t pressure on my hip or back.  I also use it in my car.  I have a stick shift and usually by the time I get to work or home I am in such pain that I can barely walk.  Not now.  I have almost no pain from the car.

I need to give it some more time before I claim victory over the pain, but even 2 or 3 days is just amazing to me.

Finally, with so little running my weight should be back up, but it stayed steady at 184.  In fact today I was in the 183 range – once again I give credit to apple cider vinegar (ACV).  I have NEVER been able to keep my weight steady, especially without running.  I’ve only been able to run 3 times in June (including yesterday) and my weight has not gotten beyond 185.  That is amazing to me.

I hope things keep going in this direction.  It would be nice to run and not be in pain and to keep losing weight.  I need to get down to about 165 to be at my correct weight and haven’t been there in 30 years, so here is hoping that I can keep this going.

Enjoy your day and if I don’t post again this week, have a great weekend.


16 thoughts on “No pain is gain!

    • I’m 5′ 9″. I think it is crazy, but according to the charts 165 is right in the middle of where I need to be with my BMI. Honestly at 175 I wouldn’t have to buy new clothes and it would be a bit cheaper. 🙂

  1. I’m glad you’re back pillow is helping. I wonder if part of why you don’t feel pain when you run, but sometimes do after, is because of adrenaline.

    It’s so cool that the ACV is working so great for you.

  2. That’s fantastic news! I am very much like you, I suffer with my hips and stiffness post run, I just accept it and take pain killers. I am fairly sure I’ve finally cracked it with hip mobility exercises but it’s too soon to put out the flags!

  3. I was so excited to see you in my reader. First of all I am on week two of apple cider vinegar…which brings me to my next point. My acupuncturist is a huge fan of ACV. And with that being said I have found so much help with my treatments. If you continue to feel aches and pains do give it some consideration. I have been doing it for something else and the subsiding of my aches and pains has been a huge bonus. So glad to hear you are back to running. We must be in the same boat. Tonight I told my husband it was the first time in a month that I felt like I was running normally and I did as much mileage this week as I did in the month of May! Glad to see you back friend!

    • That is so great. I’m glad you’re feeling better. We do have an acupuncturist nearby, but I don’t think my insurance covers it. I’ll have to look into it. I have been amazed at the benefits of ACV too. My biggest recommendation is to not stop. Give it at least 2 months before making a decision. I know I’ll never stop taking it!!! I am glad to see your comment in my post and hope you have an awesome weekend!!! 🙂

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