Walking down a mountain

I finally ran 6 days in a row last week.  Other then my long day, I only ran about 4 miles a day.  I figure until I can be consistent with running 4 miles a day, why go farther.  So I ended up with 28 miles for the week.

Then, Friday happened.  I was running well, but it was hot and I was tired from the week.  I was about 1/10 mile from home and my knee got a shooting pain that made me immediately stop running.  It was on the inside of my left knee.  I’ve had that pain twice before in the past couple of years and it has never been long term.

Sunday, I went to the mountain with RS to do my weekly run.  It was my first mountain run in my new shoes and I was excited to see how they’d do.  As we parted ways to begin separate runs, I handed RS the clicker to the car and I took the key.  He then asked me, “What if you get hurt, how will I get you”.  I just smiled and said that wouldn’t happen.


I got to the top of the mountain and felt fine.  I had a good run and took my time.  No issues.  As I began my decent, all was well and then, after about a half mile, that pain came back.  I limped to a stop and let out a cry of pain.  I texted RS and told him I was walking back and then I tried to run again.  I know that was stupid and I new it at the time, but I didn’t want to walk 3 miles back to the car.  So I started and stopped about 3 times.  Each time I ran okay, but then the pain hit and I couldn’t continue.  Finally I resigned myself to walk down the mountain and give up my run.

About a mile after I began my walk, I spotted RS coming toward me.  He ran up the mountain to meet me.  He offered to go get the van, but I declined. We walked back and had a good talk.  Thanks RS!

Now I’m off running for a bit.  Back to ice and heat and stretching.  I don’t know if it was my shoes or just fate, but it is frustrating (although running always seems to be frustrating).

Maybe I should start biking.

22 thoughts on “Walking down a mountain

  1. As a coach, I would not recommend anyone to run 6 days in a row…4 days a week is sufficient (not consecutively). I would definitely recommend taking up cycling. It will help with your cardiovascular strength and your endurance without the pounding on the joints.

    • Thank you. I am tempted to bike, but am still trying to figure out the best way to approach it. Running is so “easy” to do, but I guess my 51 year old body isn’t as young as it was last year. 🙂

  2. I had some knee problems last year and it really got exacerbated with trail running, especially on the downhills. So don’t get too disheartened. Maybe you just need a few days of rest.

    • I agree. I do wonder if the new shoes caused some of the problems. I think they may run larger then my other shoes and I tend to slip a little in them. Thank you!!!

  3. Bummer! I immediately thought boo biking! I use it whenever I have had an injury (which has fortunately been relatively rare). But it definitely is a useful tool during injury. I am like you and prefer a 6 day training week but definitely take advantage of my day off. When I have been injured I use a 4 day running week. Let your body tell you what you need. You are wise and will know what it needs. I have definitely done the try running again because I didn’t want to walk so far. We are a stubborn breed! Healing vibes friend!

    • Thanks!!! I’ll take all the vibes I can get. 🙂 And yes, we are stubborn. I guess when you run almost every day for 2.5 years, it is hard to stop. I need to get my flat fixed on my bike and give it a try. At least it should be cooler then running at 2:00. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard a few places on the internet that Mizunos can be problematic for some people.

    Also, I hear ya about the down hill. They get glossed over in terms of how hard on the body they are (the focus tends to talk about up hill). But down hill is what I’m pretty sure caused my hip trauma, which (knock on wood) seems to be on the mend. Maybe being in the higher drop shoes & going down was a bad combo. Hope you get better soon.

    I’m thinking of adding a once a week spin class to my schedule, and maybe once a week biking will be a good thing for you too.

    • Maybe it would be good to bike. Let me know how spin class goes. Interesting about Mizuno issues. I hope they aren’t the issue.

      Down hill is tough. I’ve always thought going down the mountain was rougher then up. It pounds the body relentlessly!!!

    • The only thing keeping me away right now from cycling is the expense. I’m trying to find something to begin with. I really think I’d like cycling in the summer – it must be cooler then running in the heat.

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