To marathon or not to marathon…

I’m thinking about it…

I might just do it…

I am debating another marathon.  Of course that shouldn’t be big news to anyone who knows why I named my blog 278toBoston.  However this is big news to me.  I had almost just given up on running another long race.

The summer has been difficult to say the least.  It has been hot and tiring.  My goal is to run 4 miles each day I run (going for at least 5 days a week) and I have just added a 7-8 mile run on the weekend.

Basically I’m in survival mode running.  Just enough running to not lose the gains I have made in the past few years.

Back to the marathon.  I have a great Hungarian Dr. friend who lives in Jacksonville, Fl.  After I ran my last marathon, he said, “Okay Tom, now that you have run a marathon, you aren’t doing any more, right?”  He was afraid that I could hurt myself by running so far.

Well now he is wanting me to run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon in December.  He wants us to come down and spend time together.  I think the marathon is the excuse he is making for us to come down for a visit, but it is tempting.

A couple of pluses… It is a flat course. It is at the end of December in Florida.  It is 80% shaded.  It is very scenic.  He is an awesome friend.

So, now with confidence from my hill/mountain running over the past couple weeks, I am at a place where I have to make a choice to train or not to train for another marathon.  This training will be easier then last years training as I won’t be doing the bulk of my training in the summer heat.

Anyway, I will make up my mind soon.  My last/first marathon clocked in at 4:14, so a sub 4:00 marathon would be awesome.

Decisions, decisions…

Should I or shouldn’t I…

More on my decision within a few days.


23 thoughts on “To marathon or not to marathon…

  1. I think it depends on what sort of goals you have for the marathon. It might/might not be time to try to BQ again, but you could run it for the experience. Just a thought.

    Of course my suggestion might be colored by the fact that I’ve got a marathon in October that I’m not sure I want to push for a BQ because I’ve still not got my hip at 100%. I want to enjoy my experience, not suffer for it.

    • I SO know what you mean. I would like to BQ, but a 3:30 marathon seems a bit out of reach. I will say that my leg strength has exponentially increased as I have done my hill/mountain runs and that give me hope for a good time – should I choose to run (I sound like a politician there 🙂 )

  2. Follow your heart and do what you WANT to do. If anything, go and run, enjoy the experience, see a beautiful place and friend, don’t run for time, and maybe you’ll get that hunger to go for a BQ. If you force yourself into training, you may end up just not liking running, and that would be a huge tragedy! 🙂

  3. I definitely understand this. I spent all spring researching flat and fast marathons to BQ at. I was going to do one after I finish my coaching job with the Chicago marathon. But my injury just lingered forever. Even now that it is mostly gone and I am up to 60+ mile weeks my speed just isn’t back up to where it used to be. So last night we canceled our hotel room for a marathon I was hoping to do. I am putting my plans on hold until I feel fully prepared. That being said, I think the Jacksonville marathon looks like an awesome one. It was definitely on my list.

  4. If it were me, I’d do it (though it seems you’ve decided!). If I had a friend offer me to run a marathon with him/her, I’d do it in a heart beat, and that’s not even considering that it’s a good friend or that you’d be running end December in northern Florida, where it’s disgusting everywhere else. Be motivated by the confidence of your hill runs! But patient and consistent in your training. A little less than four months is borderline for good preparation You don’t want to get injured.

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