New running shoes to the rescue!

So much going on here and the blog is screaming for me to write, so here I am, putting all else behind and writing finally.

Last week, my son got the flu, I got a small version of the flu – to be honest I was over it in just a day or two.  My son is back to normal now and we continue on with life.

I finally broke down and bought me a pair of Brooks PureFlow 3 on Saturday.  I was starting to have pains where I never have pains and my heel spur was getting angry, so I thought I should buy another pair, even though my shoes had less then 200 miles on them.  I’m glad I did.

As soon as I put on my new shoes, I could feel support in the exact areas I was hurting.  Looking at my old shoes, I didn’t really see much wear, but all my hill running had taken a toll on them.  What goes up, must come down, and running down steep hills at times means a lot of pressure on my shoes.

So I ran this weekend some.  Saturday was my off day, but I wanted to try these shoes out.  I put them on and ran a quick 2 miles.  They felt great.  My last mile was at 5K pace and it was over 90 outside.

Sunday I wanted to run a long run or my mountain run, but my body wasn’t over the pain inflicted by my shoes that were wearing out.  I chose to run 5 miles in my neighborhood.  The first three were lousy.  I felt weak, my legs felt heavy and it was very humid outside.  Then at mile 4 I began to come to life.  My legs finally decided to wake up and I had a great ending to my run.  I still kept it at 5 miles for the reasons stated above, but I was satisfied with my run.

Back to work today and then my hill run this afternoon if my body feels up to it.  Looking at the weather, we will be in the 90’s until a week from wednesday when the temps finally plunge into the 70’s.  Of course that is 10 days out and there are no guarantees.

I’m still debating on the marathon in December.  I have a lot going on right now and I remember the huge amount of time and effort goes into training.  So, decisions, decisions.  I have to make my mind up soon though.  Really soon.  It was exactly a year ago I ran my first marathon with TJ.  I must say it was a rewarding experience.


6 thoughts on “New running shoes to the rescue!

  1. You know j think that running shoes are just not lasting as long anymore. I don’t know if it is because they are being made lighter and lighter. You were right to get a new pair when they were starting to feel rough. I had a pair start to self combust after 300 miles. I suspect it wad from running with them on the trails as well, so I bought a pair of actual trail shoes for that.

    • I think that trail or hill running puts more pressure on the shoes then just normal road running. My last pair look good, but I can press on the sole where the pain in my heel is and it collapses. I decided after my Friday run that I wouldn’t run any more until I got a new pair. I’m so glad I made that decision!

  2. Oh man we must be on the same path! I am needing the new shoes and am so tempted to take them out of the box but I just got a pair last month! I am right with you on the should I or shouldn’t I marathon decision. I think the summer ehat makes it hard to decide. Great work with your running lately!

    • I totally agree about summer being the issue. I get outside in the afternoon and it is still 90 degrees out. I just can’t imagine running the miles I need to in order to run a marathon. I think it may cool here in about a week or two, so that will make it easier. BTW, I am really enjoying your blog. I think most runners should be reading your posts. Very helpful! Thanks.

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