Season of Change

My blog, is named for a reason that most of you understand.  To be honest, it has really helped keep me in line and give me motivation over the past year or two.

I struggle in two main areas.

  1. Weight
  2. Goals

When I weighted 278 lbs, I never thought I could lose that weight.  I honestly thought I’d die of some heart related disease and everyone who got on to me about my weight would say, “See I told you so.”   I had a hard time with long term goals.  Losing 100 lbs wasn’t possible.  Running a marathon as my dad had, wasn’t possible.  Living a normal healthy life after 50 wasn’t possible.  After all, not only was I obese, but I had hip and leg problems.  In fact my legs and ankles were beginning to swell and just walking up the steps was a difficult task.

One day, on an 11 hour drive home from visiting Chicago (the “fat” pic on the side of this blog was taken that weekend), I had to drive the whole way home and couldn’t stay awake.  I almost couldn’t make it home.  I had to stop twice to sleep.  Ends up I had severe apnea.  At my sleep study I was told that I stopped breathing 110 times in an hour.

Things were not going well.

Seasons of change come and go.  I’ve learned over the years that when a season of change (a good change) comes, I need to take it and run with it or it will pass me by.  In a season of change, I went to a Dr. appointment with my Lovely Wife and that doctor helped me.  I lost weight, I began running, I lost more weight, I began racing, and finally ran a marathon last September.

To be honest, I still struggle with weight and goals.  My weight is consistent, but is about 10 – 15 lbs over where I should be.  My goal (in my blog name) of making it to Boston one day seems but a dream.  It can get so overwhelming.

Sometimes you need a sign.

As I was running a few weeks ago, I was in a new neighborhood and ran past a house with a teen boy kicking a soccer ball.  As I ran past, he waved and said hi and I returned the greeting.  I thought, “How nice! Most kids look down and ignore me as I run, but he said hi and smiled”.

A few days later I was running by the same house.  That boy has not been out since, but as I ran by I noticed his mailbox.

A sign?  I hope.  Maybe I can do this.  I just need to go with the season of change and believe:

Do I believe?

Do I believe?

13 thoughts on “Season of Change

  1. This gave me chills. I am so proud of your accomplishments and to have you as a blog friend. You inspire me and so many others. This is why I wanted to coach. I want to encourage and grow a community of runners starting with those who think they never could do this. Love this post!

    • Thank you so much. That means a lot coming from a coach. I truly wish I had access to a coach and wasn’t trying to do this on my own, but alas, we live a bit too far out of the city for that access. Anyway, thanks for your inspiration also. Your blog posts always help me!!

  2. Love the little pieces of encouragement along the way – even in the form of a mailbox! We are rarely ever where we desire to be, but the beauty is often found in the journey. I’m going to show this post to my stepdad – sounds very similar to you before you made a commitment to being healthy. You have a truly encouraging story 🙂

  3. That made me cry Tom. You have come so far. You truly are an inspiration. You have ran a marathon and lost that weight. I think it is a sign. A sign to keep going steady and to pursue your Boston dream. Thanks for a lovely read right into the heart x

  4. You can do it. Take whatever encouragement comes your way to support your goal and your plan to achieve it. I read once that there are 2 ways to get into Boston – A) get older B) get faster – I went with C) both! After many years and interruptions of different kinds and severities, I finally BQ’d in March of this year and am registered for Boston 2015. I can still hardly believe it. I wish you all the best!

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