Finally success running smart!

I had a successful week running last week.  For me it was amazingly successful.

I’ve been running 41 miles a week for several weeks and to prevent a crash in my running, I decided to have a low mileage week.  My goal was to run 31 miles during the week with my longest run being 6 miles.  I ended up with 30.9 (but whose counting).

By Sunday, I felt great again.  My soreness was gone and my body “felt” healed.  This is huge for me.  In the past (1.5 years ago when I used to run this kind of mileage), I would keep running the higher mileage and then after a month or so I’d get hurt or have some issue that set me back into the low 100s.

Yesterday was going to be and 8 mile run, the first run of my 45 miles week (post recovery).  I did run, but it was raining hard and getting dark as the afternoon got late.  I got a late start because of issues beyond my control and by the time I got to 6 miles, I called it a day.  It was raining so hard toward the end of the run that it was like I was in basic training in the army.  I could barely see through the rain.  It was awesome.  I had negative splits with the first mile at a 9:40 pace, down to 8:15 my last mile.  I’ve learned to start out slow and then work my speed up throughout my run.  It makes all the difference in a good run.

There was one other soul out running at the same time as me in the park.  Just us two, going opposite directions and passing each other slashing in the puddles.

So my plan was for 8 miles yesterday, but I settled for 6.  I’ll make up the other two sometime this week.  Today is an 8 mile hill run, then Wednesday 4 miles, Thursday 8, Friday 4, and Saturday 13.  Sunday will be a 10 mile bike trail ride with RS and then it all starts over next Monday.

By the way, I was reading the recap of my only marathon and all the comments from it the other day.  Oh how I want to run one again.  This time, I want to run it smartly and with strength.  No plans yet, but maybe Chicago?  That would be cool! Maybe I could see my friend at 🙂

Happy trails.


8 thoughts on “Finally success running smart!

  1. First of all, I get all smiley when I read about healthy and happy weeks for you. From one runner to another there is nothing that feels so great as figuring that out and being able to enjoy it. I think you have nailed what your body needed and it is so good when we figure that out for ourselves.

    Second, if you want to run Chicago I would love to have you join our team. I only mention this because I think you might enjoy the process of it. Of course, it does come with 100% coaching if you want it (from yours truly as well as my husband this year too). I guarantee that every athlete gets a customized training plan fit around their needs and will adjust any and everything as training continues. I also promise everyone that they can call, e-mail or text me 24/7 with anything. You also get some pretty great swag (running gear) and a fun online community. Right now we have a group training for a 1/2 marathon here and I am about to start up an accountability challenge for the team, which means running for great prizes (I love giving out swag). But you also get a top notch race day experience including a pre and post race venue to stay inside til the race. Last year it was a 5 star gym and we had showers and access to the Jacuzzis and saunas as well as trainers and massages afterwards. If you ever want to chat about it you can always e-mail me. Chicago has a really amazing course and Carey Pinkowski does a heck of a job making it the best!

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